Wertzeen. Issue #014. February 1, 2016.
This is an inbox zine from the desk of Michael S. Wertz
concerning Illustration, Printing, and Things of Note.
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Well hello there,

first off, I want to let you know how much I appreciate your eyeballs. Really! They're so taxed nowadays, especially by these here glowing screens. So from my glowing box to your glowing box I send your eyeballs thanks and a warm hello. Hello, eyeballs

The big news around here is that I have an opening in North Beach at a groovy new space called Mule Gallery with the even groovier Josh Ellingson. If you come on down, I promise to thank your eyeballs in person. 

School at CCA has started up again, and I'm teaching Digital Tools and Screen Printing. I get a good vibe from both groups. The drawing table is covered with eraser bits and pencil shavings, the current kid's book, another poster for ALO, and a few calendars. Click on this here linky link to getcherself one.  

Go outside and shut the door for a second,
I'm thrilled to announce the opening of a show of work by the creator of the Burger Walrus Josh Ellingson and myself at Mule Gallery. 

Please join us: 
Reception: February 5, 6-9 pm 
80 Fresno Street
San Francisco, CA 94133
I'll be showing a set of paper-stencil prints (here's a preview) I made this summer out on the back deck. Josh's work is a delight, and I'm excited to be showing with him. If you can't make it to the opening, the show will be on the walls of the gallery until February 26. Every time I visit North beach, I re-member how much I enjoy it. It's tucked away from the sportsballs on the Embarcadero and feels a little lost in time. It's a few short paces to Caffe Trieste, which has been serving coffee at that location for 50 years. See also: bookstores, cafes, parks, music venues, and decent restaurants. 
I got a call from The Advocate to illustrate an article on 2016's Queerest Cities in America. It was a fun challenge to work all those cities into one spread, and it reminded me that we have more than a few places we need to visit. On the left, Eugene, Oregon. Salt Lake City (who knew?) also made the list. Here's the full article
From the archives: two posters for ALO's Tour D'Amour. St. Valentine was a rebel.
This here is a marvelous little desert getaway crafted for Andy & I by Chris Harvey from Turkey Tone Guitars (and Bear Flag Trio). I asked Chris to build us one to commemorate our 27th anniversary (I love you, Andy). He even installed lighting! This is the model version of the actual cottage we want to escape to - Joshua Tree, perhaps? Am also reminded of Aristotle's Cage by Michael McMillen
And Now. Here are some Things of Note. SF, Oakland, Elsewhere.
• Once again, David Bowie. Here is the SNL clip with Klaus Nomi that blew my mind when I was a child. Musicless with Jagger. Adrian Belew rocks and rolls with us. On the Tonight Show. He is what he plays. Made of solid color. In the studio with Eno. The plot thickens. In the Villa of Ormen. Still so much to discoverIn the starsForever and ever
• On the left: Lazarus by Bill Domonkos.

Kenny Scharf creates a Cosmic Cavern at the Portland Museum. 

• Shrouded in mystery: the secrets of an undiscovered visionary artist

Nance O'Banion shares 650 of her latest paintings with us (at CCA Oakland). Go see this if you can.  

• Poems sent to random strangers via postcard: poetry and strangers.
• Argyll joined up with Radio TroUBle in January. Here is the audio of that show. Here is the playlist. Visit the Monkey.

• New discoveries in musicland: OOIOO. Sun Ra's version of Pink Elephants on Parade. Ken Nordine gets freaky

• Just remember that you're standing on a planet that's revolving: this is what Andromeda would look like if it were brighter in the sky.
Thanks to Rob Reger and Gigantic Brewing for a delightful evening. Here's a snap of the collected work at Fig & Thistle in San Franny.  
What you might find in Issue 15: What's going on with that kid's book you keep talking about? Show and tell. Pillows? Totes? 
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