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Please join The McLoughlin Gallery, BOOTH 37, as we show in Art Silicon Valley – an art fair that will showcase important artworks of the 20th and 21st centuries in collaboration with some of the world’s most respected galleries and art institutions.

At our booth, we will showcase sculptures by Davi Middlebrook, pop art sculptures by Bruce Makowsky, photographs by Una Ryan, Colin McRae and art works by Jerome Lucani, Will Day and Bryan Boutwell.   

Bruce Makowsky

Bruce Makowsky's evolution as a fine artist stems from his 25+ year's experience in the fashion world and in the world of luxury, large scale property development, which has afforded him the opportunity to fully realize some of his artistic concepts and visions.  He explores our obsession with luxury brands adorning them on working class tools, grenades, and needles, items that are otherwise alien to the affluent consumer.

David Middlebrook

David Middlebrook speaks through objects and in doing so he makes thought visible. First and foremost the piece has to work visually in form, color, and composition. Each piece is harmoniously assembled combining objects, with no prior association, thus inviting the viewer to think/ponder, “How does this work?”
Jerome Lucani

Born in Marseille, Jerome Lucani challenges the luminality of photography, creating artworks that defy the temporality of the singular image. Using glaze, lacquer, resin, and mosaic techniques, Lucani reveals the narrative hidden underneath the photographic moment.Lucani has a penchant for revealing the narrative hidden underneath the artistic moment, and has not held back on his subliminal messages in his pieces.
Una Ryan

In her photographies, Una Ryan blends two worlds, the minuscule- analyzing living cells at submicroscopic level- and the macro- composing the images with the colors of the earth as seen from space.  Trying to answer the questions about where do we fit in this immense world, while searching for the scientific truth, she has found a philosophical one by blending the two opposite poles of the research. in her artworks the viewer sees new truths, as they reveal a world beyond the limits of human perception — where the infinite and infinitesimal are inextricably twinned. 
Bryan Boutwell

"Every piece of Art initially starts off in the mind as an idea. An idea begins as fiction until we add action to it. The space between the idea and the tangible result manifested from that idea is the part of the process I live for most. It’s here where the emotional and analytical parts of our imagination are encouraged to work in sync. It’s here where the cathartic magic blossoms. This space is infinitely boundless, filled with endless possibility, and allows us an unfathomable freedom. is my dedication to this process, and a reminder that our truest voice can only be heard when we are actively pursuing our dreams."
Colin McRae

"The images represented here were taken from helicopters flying at altitudes of 500 to 5000 feet over the fringes of the San Francisco Bay and its tributaries. I was fascinated by the coloration, shapes, and reflections that combined with each other where the waters of the bay gave way to land. I was viewing scenes created by tidal ebb and flow, the intrusion of commercial interests, and nature’s constant readjustments to these forces. The results were beautiful, unusual, and sometimes disturbing abstract images.
These areas are like the edges of a sink that are left with residue after it has drained. From the air the evidence of this activity is even more dramatic."
Will Day

Day approaches his painting with spontaneity. His paintings are a reflection of his journey, representing his soul’s evolution and the expression of his spirit responding. Kandinsky’s work has a significant influence to Day’s approach to his painting.  Kandinsky “devoted his art to inner beauty, fervor of spirit, and spiritual desire of inner necessity”; it was a central aspect of his art."

Platinum VIP Preview | Thursday, October 8 | 6pm - 7:30pm
Access for Art SV/SF Platinum VIP Cardholders 
Sponsored by 
Ruinart Champagne and Benefiting ScholarMatch

VIP Preview | Thursday, October 8 | 7:30pm - 10pm
Access for Art SV/SF VIP Cardholders and Accredited Press


Friday October 9 |  11am - 7pm

Saturday October 10 |  11am - 7pm

Sunday October 11 |  11am - 6pm

San Mateo County Event Center

Expo Hall

1346 Saratoga Drive

San Mateo, CA 94403

The McLoughlin Gallery from San Francisco is an approachable, inviting gallery with a social conscience. The mission of the gallery is to educate and intrigue by showcasing established mid-career and emerging contemporary artists whose work is unique, integrating bright, bold colors and conveying an emotional punch. Art work that makes you think.

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