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 A huge *thank you* to all the donors over the last 18 months who have helped to make our court case happen; the appeal is due to be heard on the 24th of June 2013. In the last 8 weeks we have raised and paid another $20,000 and still have a final bill of $25,000 due this month. We will pay this last cost by the end of May to enable us to fund the appeal in order to test the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1999 legislation in the courts - can this Act ‘guarantee’ Victoria’s faunal emblem? 
One of our longest serving volunteers and members of our committee of management Lorraine Leach has offered to provide her insights into the importance of our court case in this edition.
As the MyEnvironment appeal draws close,  it is timely to reflect on what hangs in the balance of the outcome.  There is no doubt a successful appeal will have far reaching consequences for the continued logging of high conservation threatened species habitat that is now targeted and being razed frantically by VicForests in their determination to take whatever they can before the appeal on June 24.
The long campaign has been possible purely because of the extraordinary generosity of our supporters who have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to get us to this stage. It’s tough expecting supporters who have already donated so much to make one final effort.  However, on the cusp of success, we need to raise $21,000 to overcome the last hurdle of appeal costs required for a strengthened legal team that includes the Environmental Defenders Office and the highly regarded, prominent barrister, Julian Burnside AO QC. 
Personally, I firmly believe that this appeal offers the best chance available to halt the destruction of critical habitat sooner than the ongoing, lengthy processes of protesting and negotiating.
We hope you will understand our appreciation of your efforts to date and our reluctance to make this further call for your support.  Please donate if you can.

Lorraine Leach
MyEnvironment Inc.


Cartoon by Jill Redwood - Environment East Gippsland forest campaigner
‘Infinity logging’ is the new law proposed by the Napthine Government.
UPDATE - please come along to a rally on the steps of Parliament House Spring St, Melb - 3pm Tuesday 7th May.
The Sustainable Forests and Timber Amendment Bill - due for debate tomorrow
The Wilderness Society have just launched an online petition -

Please sign and send online petition
As many of you are aware, a very regressive Bill is being debated in the Victorian Upper House this coming Tuesday at 2pm.
The Sustainable Forests (Timber) Amendment Bill 2013 would:
1. Promise unlimited logging contracts (currently licenses have 5 year reviews).
2. Remove government oversight of VicForests’ activities
3. Effectively privatise the exploitation of the State’s most valuable public natural asset
4. Promise to supply logs into the future that may not exist, due to fire, drought regeneration failure and so on
5. Expose the tax-payer and government to paying hundreds of millions in compensation when/if the trees can’t be provided 
6. See forests managed by purely commercial interests with token to no concern for environmental, tourism, heritage, aesthetic or water values
7. Make it impossible to alter the law if the wood/trees have been promised to a private company by VicForests. The government must provide the logs or pay massive compensation
8. Allow VicForests’ Board of Directors to decide when, where and how much it will clearfell 
9. Override and ignore the Auditor General’s current audit of VicForests’ management and the recommendations that will come from it
10. Remove environmental oversight of logging in native forests.
It will also vest more power in VicForests.
The Auditor General is undertaking an audit of VicForests this year and this will be VicForests’ first major audit since inception in 2004. This Bill shouldn't even be considered until the determination of that audit have been made
Please sign and spread this  online petition that calls on the Premier, the Treasurer, the responsible Minister, and the Minister who tabled the Bill, to defer the Bill until the Auditor-General's findings are in. It only takes a minute.
And then, if anything, logging laws need to be strengthened, not weakened.

The Wilderness Society forest campaigner

Amelia Young

A new little film has been made by Adam, also a member of the committee and major donor. Adam and song writer Martin Stuart convey the basic story of the ‘Big-Tree’ crisis and the work undertaken by community members to save the last old giants. Enjoy this little three minute story - link

KNOT: A knitworking revolution
Another action to stitch up the senseless destruction of our native forests is happening in Toolangi’s forests. The ladies are busily knitting with celebrity knitter Ruth Marshall as she teaches the women about the power in knitting the pelts of near extinct and extinct wildlife. The project looks set to grow as the knitting women are growing in a web of force against environmental destruction from the CSG in the North to the forest safety of the South. “The power of what we are doing is extraordinary as women ‘knitwork’ very effectively and tune into the needs of the planet - much like the quilting movement, we are rapidly growing in our support”. If you are keen to join the group, either out in the forests or in meeting and projects, please send your details to:
The ladies are creating an amazing series of projects to tell the story of extinction and why this must stop.
24th April 2013 - June 10 2013
The Barn

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