The Journey update - May 2014

We are a global collaboration of fans and film-makers working to bring the
'Journey of the seeds', to the screen.

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Your new Leaderboard 
Double the points - This week only 
Nurse Rodrigo
Steal this
Supanova Sydney
Development schedule 
Posts you may have missed 
New Groups


Your new Leaderboard

Craig Delahoy has designed a Leaderboard to track team members' points.

Whether you're a fan participating in the community or an industry professional working on the project, you can earn points.

Those points are tallied for a payout to members based on the Production Bonus.

The Leaderboard reveals your personal tally of points and Campaign Veteran Stamps as well as the top 25 members on the site.
*You must be logged in to see.

It's also linked to your profile which now displays your points and Campaign Veteran Stamps for the whole world to see.  

site audit will be take place over the next quarter to determine who's eligible for points for past projects, participation and promotion. For a member to be entitled to points they must remain a member of the site. If they leave, they lose their points and the system cannot find them ever again. 

The Honor Roll now only features
Gold Star Campaign Stamp recipients


 Double the points 

Team, we need cash.

No, really, we need cash!

For the HOD to go out and get those big sponsorship dollars using our new sponsorship offer, we must ensure critical invoices are paid.

Presence Films has invested over $300,000 to get us to this stage so I am going to ask for a favour from you but first, let me sweeten the deal.

Purchase any Gold Star Campaign Veteran's Stamp within the next seven days, (Offer ends June 5th 2014), and we will double your points reward for the stamp. Now that's a sweet deal!

Go to our Donate to join the fight page now and purchase any Gold Star Stamp by Direct Deposit or Paypal. Safe, simple and sweet and remember, your donation empowers our approach to the big money sponsors that will fund development and production.


Nurse Rodrigo

Remember Krystle from Rod Byrne's Lovesac video? 

We promised Krystle and Shane C. Rodrigo, (long suffering voluntary team members) a paid gig, (scale rate and they have to bring their own sandwiches), shooting a promotional video to explain our new sponsorship offer for medical professionals.

Costume will dress them as a Doctor and Nurse. Rodrigo looks great in a nurse's outfit and well anyways you get the idea...

If we have any change left over from your exceptionally generous purchase of Gold Star Campaign Stamps this week, we'd like to get that done too.

 We need a fun video that medical professionals can view on the site to explain the Sponsorship offer. Let's make it easy for potential sponsors to say YES. 


Steal this

Our new Sponsorship offer features two new downloadable PDFs.

Feel the love - The benefits of the offer 

The price of love - A Sponsorship rates and comparison table

We also have a downloadable Sponsorship contract which has not been posted to the site yet. 

We would like to encourage fellow film-makers to steal them. Yes, you read correctly.

We would like to see this approach become the natural form of development funding.


Supanova Sydney volunteers wanted

Carol Baauw will be at Supanova Sydney, Australia, in June.

We need a volunteer or two who can help-out on Friday June 13th between 1-7pm with our stall.

You get a free pass to Supanova for the day. We get you. Sound good?
Contact David Steinhoff on 0417 400 001 or by email.


Development schedule

A new Development schedule will go on the site in June however you can view most of the planned titles for 2014-15 right now in 'The Guide'. 

Recently, Daniel Garcia and Nikita Ivanenko created a scene that focuses Day one's meteor storm to the possession of just one person. It is a very clever scene with a really big impact. We'll publish it shortly.

This scene, integrated with a new intro trailer would immediately clarify what takes place to humanity during the Day One event. It is the grab we need to get viewer's attention and it is one of the unique selling points of the Journey story. 

It would also make the execution of the other Day One scenes, from Team Sydney-London, Moscow, Barcelona and Rio, far easier and cheaper. 

We'll cast and seek attachments shortly. We can shoot this scene anywhere in the world.

First things first. We need to raise Sponsorship. 

To achieve sponsorship we need support now via those  Campaign Veteran stamps to help fund the approach to potential sponsors. 


Posts you may have missed

The Day One plots finally revealed 

An insight into the scenes of Day One and the Teams behind them. 


Pants are optional

Journalist Liz Leigh interviews screenwriter, Tony Vercoe on, 'The way of the writer'.

The Forbidden secrets to writing great dialogue

Steinhoff discovers the long-lost, third Epstein brother whilst hiking in mystical Kashmir. 

Enlightenment ensues.


New Groups

The City hire group for San Francisco

A professional services group for travel agents who service the film and TV industry


The City hire group for Milan



 Team Moscow's prolific writing team's complete 'Day One' works to be released. (It's own 24 part series).
David Steinhoff interviews Robert Webb, the Production Designer behind, the Wolf Creek franchise and many other Australian productions. 

Journalist Liz leigh interviews the Journey's Composers

The Journey explores Alex Kulakov's new production scheduling software, 'The Takes'


As well as an exploration of travel services with Terri Robinson and much, much more.

Have we forgotten you? Not replied yet? Bare with the team. The workload is enormous. Without funding, we crawl. With a few campaign stamps, we walk, with new sponsorship, we fly.  




Got stamp?


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