Belper housing plans -Transition Belper special newsletter August 2014 

Belper housing plans -Transition Belper special newsletter August 2014 

Amber Alert

Amber Valley Borough Council have proposed additional housing allocations throughout Amber Valley as part of the review of the new Core Strategy. The new allocation includes three additional sites in Belper. This proposal is open for a six week public consultation period ending 8th September. The proposed sites are:

• Derwent Street, Belper – 120 dwellings
• Bullsmoor/Cherry House Farm, Belper – 250 dwellings
• Pottery Farm, Belper – 200 dwellings

Monday 18th August 7.00 pm
Public Meeting at Strutts Community Centre organised by Belper Town Council. The Town Council have voted to employ a planning consultant to examine the potential impact of the proposals on the town’s infrastructure to help in framing their response. The consultant will be at the meeting.

Tuesday 19th August 3.00 pm – 7.00 pm
Amber Valley Borough Council consultation event at No 28, The Market Place followed by a discussion from 7.00 at the Old King’s Head, Days Lane which will help frame Transition Belper’s response to the proposals.

Maps of the areas in question:


Letter from Pauline Latham
For those of you who missed it or have inadvertently binned it here is the letter sent by Pauline Latham MP to all Belper households:

Pauline Latham letter (PDF 231 KB)

Comments and suggestions from the Transition Belper Facebook page -
Ian Jackson: It's going to be interesting to see if a sustainable plan for the whole area can be pulled together. So far I have found 4 brownfield sites in AV with over 50 houses potential each that haven't been included for some reason. Milford Mill, Stevenson's Dye Works, Butterley Engineering and American Adventure. Does anybody know of any other +50 house brownfield sites in AV not considered (Derwent Street and Cinderhill are already in the plan).
Darren Wheatcroft: Is there any reason smaller <5 house sites aren't being considered? OK, you lose economies of scale, but scattering lego houses around in small numbers will have less of an impact visually than a bloody big block of them
Ian Jackson: This is only Part 1 of the Local Plan. Part 2 will look at smaller housing opportunities (<50) & other things like employment land. I don't understand why AVBC are not making a larger allowance for houses to be found in Part 2 of the process as I suspect they will be the ones easiest to develop in the first 5 years. Around the Pottery Farm site we have one or two obvious smaller brownfield sites such as ex Walt Mason's that should be included.

Responding to the consultation
Guidance Notes on Legal Compliance and Soundness (PDF 20.3 KB)
This is still in council speak but it is a 2 page document that summarises what issues will be considered in responses to the Proposed Core Strategy, that must challenge the Legal Compliance or Soundness.
To respond to the consultation online you need to register with Amber Valley Borough Council  and then make your representation. You can register here

The following has been posted on the Protect Belper Facebook page:
For those of you who want to make a representation regarding the proposed developments in a simpler form. A local resident has contacted AVBC regarding how to respond during the consultation period and was told that they accept responses in any form, the preferred option online makes it easier for them but they acknowledge that this is not always convenient and suitable for a lot of people. You must include your name and address and also please note that everyone in your household can make an individual representation or write a letter etc. As far as we know, anyone of any age can do this, on the official form on the back page there is a tick box which includes under 16's. So please everyone get writing!

Some key points: (as far as we know the following policies are still current but if you know otherwise please let us know and we will check and amend where necessary)
* The proposed development of 450 houses is wholly within the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site buffer zone, which if allowed would set a precedent for potential development anywhere within the DVMWHS buffer zone. This contradicts planning for the historic environment as expressed in Planning Policy Statement 5 and local plan policy EN29.

* The proposed development would not be within the existing built framework (housing) and therefore would be against local plan policies H3 and H5 and also against development in the countryside policy EN1.
* Flooding of the Coppice Brook has become more regular since the expanding development of John O'Gaunts Way, Whitemoor Lane etc towards Heage has occurred. Land now built on would previously have acted as a slow soak away for surface water, but tarmac and concrete have a different effect, and at times of heavy rainfall, this overwhelms the Coppice Brook causing the flooding. The proposed development sites on the other side of Kilbourne Rd would multiply this effect many times; even if they include in proposals SuDS ponds (sustainable drainage system) they would not be able to cope as the hillside around Pottery Farm/Bullsmoor/Cherry House Farm is full of natural springs.

Also from Protect Belper are 3 images making arguments: 

All the above arguments are cited as examples and are open to discussion. There may be more to add to the mix. Please do contribute by attending the public meeting and consultation event followed by a Transition discussion at the Old King's Head. In looking at the Transition Belper response we'll be taking into account the sustainability of Belper as a community as a whole and not simply looking at the loss of green fields. Hopefully our representations will help shape further proposals that are good for Belper and our community.
If you can't make these events please make your feelings known to Amber Valley Borough Council.

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