Transition Belper Newsletter - January 2014

Transition Belper Newsletter - January 2014

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Meadows edge - Belper groups to meet with Tesco
Following on from the meeting in October - instigated by Transition Belper and organised by Pauline Latham MP - our MP has persuaded Tesco to come to a meeting in Belper on Friday 10th January to answer questions from the many interested organisations in Belper. These include ourselves, the Belper Civic Forum, Belper Town Council, Derwent Valley Mills and a host of others. At this stage the 'discussions' will be on a Q and A basis. We have a number of questions in mind, such as "What, exactly do you own?", "What are your intentions for the sites?", and "Are you prepared to work with the community to arrive at solutions we can all support?"
If you have a question you'd like us to put to Tesco please emai
l David George 
In the build up to this meeting the Derby Telegraph asked us to provide an article to explain the background and Transition Belper's involvement. The full article as supplied to them has been added to the web site - see: Belper in Transition – A Communities Perspective

Transition Belper meeting – Tuesday 14th January 2014, 7.30pm at Strutts Community Centre

A renowned environmentalist  – Jerome Baddley from Nottingham Energy Partnership will be updating us with the latest Climate Change and peak oil knowledge and looking at the progress we are making towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Jerome will be able to give a fascinating insight into how everything we do in our day to day living connects up in a way that either reduces human impact on our planet’s resources or accelerates the climate change that is seemingly bringing more and more extreme weather events.  
We’ll also be discussing the meeting with Tesco, Pauline Latham MP and other local groups such as the Civic Forum, Belper Churches and the Town Council to report back from the meeting and to discuss the next steps in working together to begin to resolve the long-standing Meadow’s Edge dilemma.

Free Bus Rides every Sunday in January
Trentbarton are offering free bus rides for all, every Sunday during January from 10am until 11am.  Just get on any trentbarton bus between those times on 5th, 12th, 19th or 26th January and there's nothing to pay!  Check your bus times at  If you are interested in travel and transport and working towards reducing car, petrol and diesel use please come along to the next Travel and Transport Group meeting at the Old King's Head, Days Lane, Belper on Thursday 23rd January.

Belper Goes Green adds second stage
Now is the time for Belper Goes green planning to get into full swing, get stalls booked and progress various projects. This year (31 May and 1 June) we'll have a second stage as the Soular Shack bring their solar powered stage, PA and lighting to the event. They'll also be selling farmhouse cider from the shack! A number of other projects depend on getting some funding in place to complete them - or attracting enough stalls to help with the funding. Stalls are £30 for one day or £50 for the weekend but we do have a £5/day discount for payment in advance. If you know of any suitable enterprise who may be interested in having a stall please point them to the Belper Goes Green page on the Transition Belper website. The page has a link to an online booking form. Stalls are free for charities or those running non-profit workshops or demonstrations.
If you'd like to get involved in organising the event please come along to our next meeting at the Queen's Head, Chesterfield Road, Belper on Tuesday 21st January at 7.30.

Inspirational vision aim

At the Christmas Food and Drink Fair we asked people to share their wishes for the future of Belper or their own community. There were almost 80 responses ranging from the physical "No lorries in Bridge Street" through the generous wish for all children to receive presents to the wacky desire to see transformers slugging it out in our streets. I'm guessing there will be every opportunity for those who wish to transform Belper to engage in lively discussion - but I don't think that was what this nicely focussed 8 year old had in mind!
Whilst the children were uninhibited and generally idealistic many adults found it much more difficult to picture an ideal future and express it. What most would readily agree with is a desire to leave the world a better place for our children and grandchildren without really thinking about how or picturing what that might look like. We'll have a more detailed look at those wishes at the next Energy Descent Action Plan meeting at 7.30 on Monday 27th January at the Old Kings Head (all welcome) and continue to work out how we might help some of those wishes come true. We'll also plan for a one-day workshop to bring together any interested groups locally to put our collective vision for the future into words. This will give us something we can all agree with and that can be used to get our respective members to sign up to.

New Year Gardening News


Christmas is over and the days are slowly getting longer; the weather is still uncharacteristically warm for this time of year and I find myself beginning to think about getting out into the garden again. Unbelievably, the daffodils in the sheltered part of my garden are already around 10cm in height and some of the shrubs are budding! Let's hope heavy frosts don't do too much damage within the next couple of months. Here are some of the gardening projects that will be happening in 2014. Do join us - have fun, socialise and help us make Belper even a nicer and greener place. For any further information on any of these topics, email Kathy

  • Belper Gardening Club - next meeting is on 22nd January 2014 from 19:30 at The Strutt Centre.
  • Train Station Gardening. We will be recommencing work on this award winning project at the beginning of March (weather permitting). We are in need of more volunteers to help us continue with this important project.
  • Community gardens/orchards. We are in the process of investigating the possibility of turning the sadly neglected Festival Gardens on Crich Lane into a community garden for growing fruit and vegetables. Keen gardeners needed if the project does take off.

We are considering the possibility of recreating this successful event in the summer of 2014. Youth unemployment is still of staggering proportions and in order to crate a sustainable community, this issue must be tackled. This event provides an invaluable opportunity for young people to experience the world of business, showcase their talents and make some money. The youth market will only happen if enough volunteers will come forward to help organise it, so if you are keen to get involved, please email Kathy 
Book your thermal image survey
For the next couple of months we should be experiencing ideal conditions to carry out house surveys with the Transition Belper thermal image camera and the Energy Group are raring to get out there and make use of the equipment once again. If you would like us to survey your house to explore whether you are losing heat in some areas more than others just email David - - and we'll arrange your survey. We need a cold evening when you have your heating whacked up to get the most of the camera. Back on a computer we'll have a look at the images, carry out some analysis and provide you with a basic report - all we ask in return is a small donation to Transition Belper of at least £10.
Are you with us? Become a member for just £5
Full membership of Transition Belper costs just £5 per person per year. Our membership is for the calendar year so now is the time to join or renew your membership. Your membership fees help to cover administrative costs such as insurance, web site hosting and meeting rooms. Whilst we apply for other funds for specific projects or raise small amounts from the Food fair stall or raffles at meetings, membership means the Core Group and Trustees don't have to dig any further into their own pockets to keep things running. We'd very much like to welcome you as a full member and in return you'll be able to vote at the AGM and enjoy slight discounts for some events and for the Transition Free Press paper.
You can download a Membership Form here, then add your details and return it to us at Transition Belper Membership, 10 Spencer Road, Belper DE56 1JV together with £5 cash or a cheque made payable to Transition Belper.

January and February meetings and events
  • Monday 6th January - social evening at the Black Swan, Market Place, Belper from 7.30.Toast the new year with like-minded folk and bring your suggestions for questions to ask Tesco.
  • Thursday 9th January - Core Group and Trustees meeting from 7.30. If you would like anything adding to the agenda please contact David or Richard
  • Friday 10th January - meeting with other local groups, Pauline Latham MP and Tesco
  • Tuesday 14th January - Transition Meeting at Strutts, Derby Road with guest speaker, Jerome Baddley from Nottingham Energy Partnership. Climate Change, Peak oil and how everything connects up. 
  • Tuesday 21st January - Belper Goes Green Meeting at the Queen's Head, Chesterfield Road at 7.30
  • Wednesday 22nd January - Belper Garden Club at Strutts at 7.30
  • Wednesday 22nd January - Transition Groups meeting with the Energy Saving Co-op 
  • Thursday 23rd January - Travel and Transport Group meeting at the Old King's Head, Days Lane at 7.30
  • Monday 27th January - Energy Descent Action Plan meeting at the Old King's Head at 7.30
  • Tuesday 4th February - social evening at the Grapes, High Street, Belper from 7.30
  • Wednesday 12th February - Transition Belper meeting at Strutts at 7.30 with guest speaker, Nathan Jackson from Hillside Permaculture who will explain what permaculture is and what it means in practice.
  • Tuesday 25th February - Belper Goes Green Meeting at the Queen's Head at 7.30
  • Thursday 27th February - Travel and Transport Group meeting at the Old King's Head at 7.30

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There is a Facebook Group locally for exchanging tips and ideas for your garden and anything to do with growing fruit and veg. Join the Forum here
A Local group to advertise for Recycling, Upcycling, Neighbourly Help & Advice, Lending & Borrowing in the DE56 Area. Join us here
Belper Goes Green
The group for all those involved in organising Belper's ECO Fest. Join us here
Belper and DE56 Energy Descent Action Plan
The group for those of us involved in developing our local EDAP. Join us here

The trustees of Transition Belper are:
Chair - 
David George
Secretary - Richard Keighley
Treasurer - Adrian Rochford
Core Group - Craig Scott  
Core Group and Community Gardens organiser - Kathy Fairweather
Core Group and Transport Group leader - Jennie Lindop
Trustee - Mick Hepworth
Trustee - Tony Cooper
Trustee and webmaster - Lynne Henley
Trustee - Maurice Neville
Trustee - Dick Watson

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