Transition Belper Newsletter August 2014 

Newsletter - August 2014 


In this issue:


It's August, it's the start of the summer holidays and of course - as I look out the window - it's decided to rain. But our spirits are not easily dampened and as you'll see there are plenty of activities to get behind this month.

Our Chairman David George would like to offer a warm welcome to all the new subscribers who joined our mailing list either at the Belper Food Fair or at the Northern Green Gathering. We hope you find our newsletter informative and interesting. 


Transition Belper Meeting 

The next Transition Belper Meeting will be held at Strutts Community Centre, Derby Road, Belper on Monday 11th of August at 7.30. The meeting will be a celebration of the success of Belper Goes Green and will include photos, video and discussions of what worked well and how various aspects can be improved. Hopefully we'll have some cakes as well.

Belper Housing Allocations

Amber Valley will be holding a consultation event on Tuesday 19th of August from
3pm-7pm at No.28 on the Market Place, Belper.

They will be discussing the proposed changes for additional housing allocations throughout Amber Valley as part of the review of the new Core Strategy. The new allocation proposed last week includes three additional sites in Belper. This proposal is open for 6 weeks public consultation - ending 8th September:

• Derwent Street, Belper – 120 dwellings
• Bullsmoor/Cherry House Farm, Belper – 250 dwellings - see below.
• Pottery Farm, Belper – 200 dwellings - see below.


To find out more about the proposed new allocation sites in Belper follow the link below:

Hard copies of the proposed changes and the accompanying Sustainability Appraisal will be made available for inspection at Belper Library, Bridge Street, Belper from 4.30pm on Monday 28 July, during normal opening hours:

Come and join us on a walk organised by the Ramblers Association after the farmers market on the 9th August, starting at 2pm. A display of the proposed changes will be shown in No. 28 on the market place in the morning and then we will all walk down to the Bullsmoor area to walk the footpaths. It will be a great opportunity for us to talk about the potential sustainability issues relating to these allocations.

In relation to this Deb Biss has informed us that Belper Town Council are holding a meeting at 6.30 pm on Wednesday August 6th, to consider employing a planning consultant in response to the changes in the core development strategy. The opportuntiy to speak at the meeting will be available. See their site for more details.


Belper Goes Green 2014

Firstly, I would like to thank the dozens of people who had a hand in making Belper Goes Green such a wonderful success. I can't name everyone but some such as Lynne, Tony, Tony, Dick and Adrian deserve special thanks for their time and effort over several months. Others such as Carole, Emma, Ann-Marie, Christine, Al, Leo and Abi gave their time freely to run activities and keep visitors occupied and entertained.


The paper feedback forms completed at the festival and the subsequent online survey all show a high level of enjoyment and satisfaction as well as pointing out areas of concern. You can see the feedback by clicking on the links - both open as PDF files. They are a great starting point for Belper Goes Green 2015 - assuming we want to do it again!

From my point of view there were some areas that may discourage me from doing it again. Possibly my fault but I believe too much responsibility was concentrated on one person's shoulders. Without the back-up of sufficient volunteers on the Sunday Lynne and I were rushed off our feet and barely managed a break. This might not have been so bad but for the belligerent health and safety know-it-all, car parking chaos and endless moaning about the ice cream van. But I don't believe these are insurmountable problems:

  1. Using locally produced ice-cream - though we may need to source a freezer to get it on sale.
  2. The diverse interests of leading Transition members meant that many were scattered in the energy tent or on campaigning stalls - and not to their advantage either. If we can keep all these stalls close together there's the option of cross-over between stalls and interests. I also think we should keep the BGG HQ desk and our stalls separate - so the BGG Desk get asked about entertainment, lost kids and property and what is happening rather than trying to be all things to everyone,
  3. The Rugby Club do well out of the festival and I feel they should be doing more by way of helping with the infrastructure, stewarding and managing waste and car parking. If next year's event is to go ahead and be at the Rugby Club there needs to be some hard bargaining and a real partnership with the Rugby Club,
  4. The organisation needs to be decentralised with small groups looking at, and taking complete responsibility for, stalls, site, entertainment, campaigning, community projects, crafts, publicity, sponsorship etc. The commitment of sufficient volunteers to get the event organised should be a pre-condition going forward.
With these I mind, I believe the mountain of ideas we received from the feedback should give us sufficient fuel to make Belper Goes Green 2015 even better. David George.

Northern Green Gathering

Some of us spent a lovely weekend at Bradley Nook Farm, just the other side of Hulland Ward, for the Northern Green Gathering's most southerly outing. There were about 80 stalls ranging from vegan food to a bike powered reggae dub rave and a solar powered cinema. We managed to get In Transition 2.0 played to a small audience on Sunday afternoon. The number of paying visitors was disappointing although this did allow us quality time to sit and discuss all sorts of issues with the Gathering's knowledgeable punters.

Thanks go to David, Lynne, Sue - who lent us the camper van and helped out on Thursday, Richard and Louisa who camped out from Friday, Tony who brought the solar trailer and managed to discuss and implement a number of safety modifications and Jackie and Mick who each spent a day helping.


Crich Lane Community Garden

Work has been progressing well on the project so far and we now have a great consultation leaflet designed by Christine Gray which will ask the local residents about what they would like to see the Festival Garden used for and how they may be able to help us achieve the transformation of the site. Beki Howey is also setting up a facility for residents to reply to the survey online.

Thanks to all those who have already volunteered to deliver the leaflets for the Open Day on 7th September.
Will still need volunteers to help deliver to the streets below (and surrounding streets) and to assist out on the day. So if anyone is willing to help with the following that would be great:

Laund Close (131)
Coronation Avenue (141)
Laund Avenue (94)
Laund Nook (129)
I was kindly invited to a BBQ at the Wirksworth Community Growers garden on July 23rd by Rosemary Blenkinsop (see photo's below). It was such an inspiration to see what the community had managed to accomplish in such a short time and to experience a the warm and friendly atmosphere that had been created there as everyone enjoyed good food and drink amongst the beautiful surroundings. They were so generous with ideas and advice, particularly about their use of recycled materials within the garden, their links with local businesses and sponsors as well as sources of funding. The visit really did make it feel as though anything was possible and that our ideas for the garden on Crich Lane could one day turn into a reality.


There will be a meeting to discuss the planned open day on Monday 18th August at the Queens Head, Belper at 8pm, so please do come along. Alice Russell.

Protect Belper

Given the recent move to develop more housing in the area I wanted to draw your attention to Protect Belper.

They are an online community group 'passionate about protecting the few green fields we have left and our historic mill town of World Heritage status'.

Use the link above to read about what they do. If you're on Facebook it may be worth following them - perhaps we can work together to achieve some of our mutual goals.



5th August - Social drinks at the White Hart, Sandbed Lane, Bargate from 7:30 PM
6th August - Belper Town Council Meeting on Core Development Strategy

9th August - Ramblers Association walk around Bullsmoor Area 2PM
11th August - Transition Belper Meeting at Strutts, Derby Road, Belper 7:30 PM
18th August - Crich Lane Community Garden Meeting,The Queens Head 8.00 PM 
29th August - Amber Valley Consultation Event at No.28, Market Place, Belper 3PM-7PM



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