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May 2016
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News and Features
We're Getting Soft. Soft and Easy.

When we say 'soft', we mean software. Data acquisition software can be complicated, so we're making it easy! 
New CCFC Field Camera
In early May 2016, we launched our new, feature-rich outdoor camera, and here are 6 Reasons the CCFC is the Best Outdoor Camera in the World.

The CR300 - The simple, cost-effective datalogger
“The CR300 is the best-value datalogger we have ever built.” - Kevin Rhodes, Director of Product Management at Campbell Scientific, Inc. 


Simplify Irrigation Management with the Drill and Drop
The Sentek Drill & Drop is an easy to install soil measurement probe for measuring soil moisture, salinity, and temperature in a crop's root zone, which optimizes irrigation efficiency.

Rent an HL4 for your next water project!
Did you know that you can rent a Hydrolab HL4 for your next water monitoring project?


Tips and Tricks 

Attend a CR1000 Workshop in Your Area
We're offering CR1000 Intro and Advanced courses across Canada. Sign up today!


Other News

Prairie Storm Chasers Sponsorship
It is our pleasure to sponsor the Prairie Storm Chases again for the 2016 chase season.


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Data Services

We offer global data management services; let us handle everything from communications device setup, data collection, secure storage, and data delivery straight to your computer.

2016 Calendar

May 25-27 – 69th CWRA, Montreal QC ( Le 69e Congrès national de ACRH)

May 29-June 2 – 50th CMOS Congress & joint CGU Annual Meeting, Fredericton NB

June 14-16 - Eastern Snow Conference, Columbus OH

October 2-5 – GeoVancouver, Vancouver BC

October 24-28 - Wildland Fire Canada, Kelowna BC

Training Courses

CR1000 Introductory Workshops

CR1000 Advanced Courses

For details on all courses and to register online, please visit our Training Centre.

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