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April 2015
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News and Features
Solar Monitoring at Canada's first concentrating solar thermal power plant

The small southern Alberta city of Medicine Hat is the first city in the world to operate a concentrating solar thermal power system (CST) in a high-latitude, cold weather location.

Products Coming Soon!

Short Burst Data Solution!
Bundle the COM9602 SBD Modem with a Data Services package.

CCFC Field Camera

From wide-angle to zoom, rugged, low-power  - This is the camera you've been waiting for!

Tips and Tricks

Programming Tip: Dataloggers That Decide For You
Did you know your datalogger can make decisions and control other devices?

How Rain Gauge Shape Affects Measurement Accuracy
Research has shown that a conventionally shaped rain gauge interferes with the airflow around it while an aerodynamic shape limits this disturbance.


New Products


CRVW3 Vibrating-Wire Datalogger

Self-contained, low-cost, 3 channel VSPECT™ datalogger designed to operate independently or as part of a larger data acquisition system.




86000 2D Ultrasonic Anemometer 

The R.M. Young 86000 is a 2-axis, no-moving-parts wind sensor.




ARG100 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
Cost effective and aerodynamically designed.

SBS500 Coated Aluminum Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
EML’s SBS500 rain gauge utilizes the proven aerodynamic shape of the ARG100 and improves it further.


Other News

Did you know we offer data collection services? 
We offer global data collection, hosting, delivery, and display services in support of your monitoring project.

Prairie Storm Chasers Sponsorship
We’re pleased to be sponsoring the Prairie Storm Chasers (@PrairieChasers) for their 2015 chase season!

SR50A Series and CS725 Warranty Doubled! 
New 2 year warranties on SR50A series Snow Depth Sensors and CS725 Snow Water Equivalent Sensor!


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2015 Calendar

May 3-7, 2015 – Joint Assembly AGU-GAC-MAC-CGU, Montreal QC

May 31 - June 4, 2015 – 49th CMOS Congress/13th AMS Conference, Whistler BC

Jun 2-4, 2015 – 68th National CWRA Conference, Winnipeg MB

Sept 20-23, 2015 – GEO Quebec 2015, Quebec City QC


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CR1000 Introductory Workshops

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