Should COVID-19 Stop B2B Marketers From Marketing?

Lee Odden
CEO, TopRank Marketing
COVID-19 is serious business and is undoubtedly having an impact on business. Should it stop companies from marketing to other businesses?

During this time of transition, it’s important that marketers review their planned advertising, social and marketing messages to be appropriate to what customers are dealing with right now. Publishing marketing messages as if everything is normal will not resonate or be useful.

What can B2B marketers do?
  1. Stay in close contact with your customers. Learn what you can do to better support them, anticipate changes and offer resources.
  2. Make sure your brand digital channels are up to date including website, blog, social network profiles, and Google My Business listings.
  3. Commit to video – convert marketing message activities to video and if you have live video access on LinkedIn for execs or your brand – start using it now.
  4. Optimize your digital channels: Refresh SEO, social, online advertising and influencer efforts. Identify what is working and reallocate resources and budget as appropriate.
  5. Reinforce efforts and communications to support community, employees and customers affected through supply of resources, technology or expertise.
To learn more about how B2B marketers can successfully respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, check out our detailed article on the subject.
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