Always On Influence: Definition and Why B2B Brands Need it to Succeed

Lee Odden
CEO, TopRank Marketing
42% of marketers (Linqia) have shifted to an “always-on” influencer marketing but many B2B marketers still see influencer engagement as something you just turn on or off as needed. Here's what always-on influencer marketing can bring to your mix in 2020:
  1. Relationship building. Building relationships takes time and that means influencer engagement is an ongoing effort, not just when influencers are needed to provide content or promotion.
  2. Engagement. Ongoing engagement can be accomplished by using social media monitoring or influencer marketing software to track your group of influencers to identify interaction opportunities.
  3. Activation. Activations in B2B typically involve the co-creation of content whether it is a contribution to an ebook, hosting a podcast or being a guest on a brand webinar. With real-world events out of the picture at the moment, activations can also mean virtual conferences, livestreaming video and influencer produced “shows”.
  4. Community. A mature form of influencer community is where the B2B brand creates an opportunity for the influencers to connect with each other as well as the brand. Most influencers are social by nature and creating networking opportunities between the influencers that are part of the brand influencer community creates a much stronger community.
To learn the rest of the benefits of always-on influencer marketing, check out our detailed article on the subject.
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