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Thought for the day...

Dear <<First Name>>,

This home video on YouTube is mercifully short, given that you probably know where this is going (or isn't) within the first few moments...

And you might be wondering why I'm asking you to watch an amateur video of a robot vacuum cleaner failing to do its job properly.

Or you might immediately see the metaphor…

This vacuum cleaner isn't thinking straight!

In fact, it's not thinking at all!

How can it?

It's a machine!

But how many of us find ourselves going round and round in circles getting nowhere fast, just like a badly programmed machine?

How often do we find ourselves continuing to do the same thing over and over again, while at the same time, moaning about repeatedly getting the same results?

And how frequently do we plan for success? I mean, when do we deliberately clear the decks to create an environment conducive to getting the job done efficiently?

The vacuum cleaner in the video hadn't got room to move. There was too much stuff in the way.

Are you so busy 'doing' that you're not 'thinking' or do you take time out, on a regular basis, to step back from your life, your relationships and your business to plan for success?

Just a thought…

Meanwhile, here's another vacuum-related video, just for laughs…

When what you're doing isn't working...

This particularly for my husband, brother and dad - but not for the reasons you may be thinking! No 'exasperated female' here! Not right now anyway!


Making a stand

For those of you who, having read my newsletter about it asked me why sitting is bad for you, ask your spine, lungs, kidneys, liver, brain and circulation! And if they don't come back with an answer, watch the short videos below!

I really dunno how they fathom this stuff out.

Leaves me standing!

Why sitting is bad for you

What you can do about it

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Study Skills
Study Skills
Study Skills
Study Skills
Lysette Offley is known as “The Head Fixer” as she helps people with anything that involves using their brain!
For example: 
  • Emotional Intelligence & behavioural challenges, such as anxiety, phobias, stress, overweight, addictions
  • Difficult medical conditions e.g. M.E., Anorexia, Focal Dystonia, Tourette’s
  • Discovering your learning preferences so you’re guaranteed to pass exams easily.
There’s a common process to all:
  • Filter out the noise (The conflicting, confusing & debilitating misinformation & poor advice.)
  • Make sense of your emotions (Understand what they’re for & how they help you make the right decisions, leaving you free to achieve your ambitions.)
  • Tune into your brain power  (Discover how to use your brain for better results – automatically.)
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