Get your Kick-start for 2012 at Brealy Bootcamps. We are here for you to get you great results.
Burn up to 200 caloires in 8 minutes !
Has the cold weather or the snow stopped you from getting your regular training sessions in over the last few weeks.

It’s been the type of weather recently that makes the sofa feel more appealing than travelling in your cold car to the gym or stepping out for a jog first thing in the morning or after a day at work. 
The uninviting dark mornings and evenings with minus temperatures make you think twice as to whether you want to go and exercise or save it for another day!

Lets train smarter now….
You can still get in a good workout by just doing a few simple body weight exercises in a short amount of time either in the warmth of your home or outside in the very fresh air.
The Brealy Bootcamps “Short n Sharp workout” or HIIT will help boost your metabolism, increase your heart rate and burn some bodyfat in as little as 8 minutes twice a day, Yes 8 minutes!

By working to your maximum output for intervals of 40 second’s followed by 20 second’s rest, repeaed for 8 minutes you can increase your fitness and lose weight.
  Do this workout using body weight exercise like the Squat jump, Press up, Burpee and High knees. If you haven’t done these exercises before or want to perfect your technique why not sign up to a
Brealy Bootcamp event today.

These exercises can be done anywhere all you need is a little bit of floor space, so no excuses! Put some music on and get cracking..

If you want to get great results guaranteed, change your mindset about exercise and nutrition and make positive changes in 2012 then Brealy Bootcamps is the place to be.
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Take a look at the Brealy Bootcamps blog for our latest tips on exercising and eating healthily and some of our Success stories from the last 6 months

Make 2012 your year and find that extra something to inspire you to achieve your goals.

Brealy Bootcamps is an incredible experience. you have no idea what your body is capable of until you've been on one. A brilliant way to kick-start a new lifestyle with like minded people who will laugh,smile,grimace and share the hard work with you in equal measures ! Thank you". - Diana.
10lb weight loss in 7 days..
10 lbs down and coming back for more....
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