We all have access to this force of connection and caring called Love.
February 2014  Issue #40

Today's Topic:  One way to express love today

Dear friends,

I can’t let this special day go by without sending some love your way!  I think it’s important to remember today that Love is a power that is innate to each of us.  No matter what our relationship status or situation, we all have access to this force of connection and caring called Love.  Our joy lies in expressing it and we can direct it anywhere we choose.
So here’s my suggestion: 
Find someone today and tell them three things you admire about them. This could be part of your celebration with your partner or sweetheart. Or you could be on the look-out for someone else in your world to express your admiration to -- a dear friend or a co-worker or a family member.  I did this with my husband this morning and I was returned to a “felt experience” of my love for him.  I think he felt pretty great too! 
If this feels a little contrived, then just casually slip one admiration into the conversation and see how it goes. For example, “You know something I’ve always admired about you is…” I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
There are so many individuals who live their lives in a quietly admirable way –- sometimes in the midst of success and sometimes in the face of adversity and challenge. Let’s celebrate them today for those qualities we admire and appreciate.  They inspire us -- and we can inspire them -- by giving back with love.

Sending my wish that you have a heart-warming day,

P.S.  If you’d like a little more inspiration, check out my article The Power of Appreciation from the very first issue of this newsletter.

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