Identify your "inner goal" for 2014 and let it inspire you!
January 2014  Issue #39

Today's Topic:  Have you identified your "inner goal" for 2014?

Dear friends,

Amazingly, 2014 is well underway!  By now you’re probably getting a feel for what you hope to achieve and create this year.  Perhaps you’ve also hit the first obstacles to doing so! 
Don’t despair. Read on for some thoughts about creating a powerful “inner goal” for this year, along with some tips to remember when the going gets tough.

Here’s to a year that stretches us into our best,

Something to think about

All you have to do is pay attention; lessons always arrive when you are ready, and if you can read the signs, you will learn everything you need to know in order to take the next step.
                                                                      - Paulo Coelho

What’s different about an “inner goal”?
January is the month for goal-setting and no doubt many of you have already scoped out some goals for the New Year – at least in your imagination, if not on paper.  I have too.  However my favourite part of goal-setting is discovering my “inner goal” for the year – that inner change of mind and thought that would improve (transform!) the overall quality of my life.
I have lots of “external goals” too.  I’d like to improve my fitness level, complete some professional training, get some over-due improvements made to our home, do some travel – to name just a few.  I’m sure my list covers many of the basics that yours does.
However my “inner goal” for the year is of a different nature.  It’s the goal that addresses the shift in attitude or consciousness that seems “next” for me – or that I most need and want, at this point in my life.  It’s the inner change that has the potential to positively impact my moment-to-moment experience of life and my overall happiness.  It’s the meta-change that affects EVERYTHING else.

What’s “next” for you?

If you could transform or shift your thinking and beliefs about yourself or about life, how would YOU like to change?  What new doors would you like to open up mentally and emotionally? (Hint:  The clue to your inner goal often lies in the area of life in which you feel most frustrated or dissatisfied.)
The inner shift or change that I am pursuing in 2014 is to maintain my inner peace and equanimity, regardless of the circumstances that arise in my life. Inner peace is easy when things run smoothly.  I want to build my ability and capacity to remain peaceful and calm, even when the people and events in my life are challenging.

You get to choose
Your “inner goal” may be as different from other individuals as you are. As I’ve listened to friends and clients express their “inner goal” for this year, I’ve heard such things as:

  • Experience more fun and play
  • Become self-confident about my services and business
  • Experience more serenity and less worry
  • Build my courage to take more risks
  • Let my feminine side come out to play more
  • Be less reactive in my relationships
  • Learn to be more accepting and less judgmental 
Set your goal and the challenges begin
Once you identify your “inner goal”, don’t be surprised if you are immediately challenged – in fact, you can expect it.  After setting my sights on retaining my inner peace regardless of the circumstances, I learned of a friend who is in considerable distress.  Despite my desire to remain calm and peaceful, I have felt in the grips of worry and preoccupation about this friend, much more than I care to admit.  Just the opposite of my desire -- and not at all helpful to my friend.
Have you too identified a change or shift that you’d like to make this year?  And if so, are you already encountering challenges to it?  I assert that this inner “backlash” is all part of shifting in a new direction.  In fact, it is a sign that your new intention is gaining some traction.
So don’t quit
Unfortunately, many people take this as a signal to give up, that it can’t be done.  Quite the contrary!  When we set out to make a change, we activate precisely the beliefs and habits that need to shift to make the change possible. Once they are visible and conscious, we can start the work of transforming them. 
Take heart and persevere with your “inner goal”.  Remember:
  1. Time is on your side.  It’s only January.  You have a whole year to realize and embody the inner shift or change you’ve envisioned.  As they say, every journey begins with the first step – which you’ve already taken.
  2. When the obstacles to what you desire emerge, you are less in-the-dark and more conscious about what needs to be addressed to bring about the change you want.  Obstacles point you in the direction of the inner work to be done.
  3. Perseverance is key.  You can’t fail if you don’t quit on the process.  Keep your intention clear and the supports and resources you need to accomplish it will be found – or you will attract them organically.

Take advantage of a new year to identify the “inner shift” in attitude or outlook you’d like to make – and go for it!  Use the challenges that emerge to guide you in the inner work that needs to be done, to have that new quality of life you desire.

Invitation to action:

Set your “inner goal”.  What is the shift in thinking or belief that would empower you to greater enjoyment and fulfillment in your life?  Name and claim it for yourself.  Share it with a friend or loved one, so they can support you in your journey to realize it.  I’d love to hear about it too!

Shirley's Update:

If you are looking for some inspiration, watch this touching video about Sri Lestari from Jakarta, Indonesia. Paralyzed as a young woman of 23, now ten years later she is realizing her dream of being free, as she sets out on an inspiring journey on her modified motorbike. 

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