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Dappled Things needs you help today!

We Must Meet Match by Midnight!

Dear Friends,

We are urgently in need or your help, lest we lose major funding. This Tuesday we received a matching challenge of up to $1000 from a very generous supporter of the journal. The catch is that we only have until the end of Saturday, December 6th, to raise the money. I am therefore making an appeal to anyone who cares about the mission of Dappled Things, anyone who has considered sending us even just $5, to make that gift now. A gift before the end of Saturday will double the support we receive, so if you’ve been thinking about possibly donating, this is the time to do it.
So far, we have just managed to meet the $200 quota for each day, often thanks t0 last minute gifts that have arrived providentially. However, we still have $355 to raise by midnight (Saturday), which will turn into $710 when matched!


All we need is $355, but it must be by midnight! 

We are a small publication, and that kind of money makes a big difference to us. On the flip side, we simply cannot afford to let $710 go down the drain; it would be a significant setback for us as we approach our first decade of publication, jeopardizing our ability to continue the many programs implemented this year which have done so much for improving the quality of the journal and expanding our readership.
Whether you can donate $5 or another $1000, if you understand the importance of ennobling our culture, please do not delay.
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