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LJ Newsletter

Welcome to the December 2011 Newsletter.  You are receiving this newsletter as you are down as our contact for the LJ software which logs your telephone calls and then allows you to view real-time and historical data about your telephone usage including cost, performance and possible fraudulent usage.  If you are no longer the contact, please forward this email to the right person and get them to subscribe so that we can keep in touch with the latest news, etc.

Support Blog

We've added a new 'How To...' sheet on Company Structures.  This is a good reference guide on how to put names against extensions, and then group extensions together to create an organisational structure.

How To...

Are there any specific 'How To...' sheets that you would like to see?  Email us at support and we'll add them to the list.

LJ Maintenance

Did you know that you can purchase maintenance for LJ?  You can view the details on the website but it allows you to email queries that you may have about using the system.

We also provide tariff maintenance, whereby, we can update your tariff costs and tables for you - even bespoke tariffs!

Seasonal Good Wishes from Focom Ltd

May we wish you all a fantastic festive season and prosperous 2012.

Christmas Wishes from The Focom Team

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