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What is Retriever and why do I receive these emails

RETRIEVER is the outsourcing of your telephone call records allowing you to run reports on your telephone statistics via a web browser. Your data is sent to our offices and processed so that you can view real-time and historical data (depending on how we receive the information) about your telephone usage, performance, cost and possible fraudulent use using our LUMBERJACK software.

You receive the emails as you're down as a user for the system and we would like you to be able to use your system to help you achieve the information you need in the most efficient way.

It is possible that you do not have access to all areas of the system and this is dictated by your login level. If it is something that is really important to you, please speak to your main contact within your organisational to see if they can give you access. If you are the main user, send us an email and we can chat through the options available.

Support Blog

If you've been monitoring the support blog, you will have noticed that we've added a tab specifically for you (rather than having to share LUMBERJACK's tab).  There are number of new 'How To...' sheets to help you organise your organisational structure. You can access these either directly from the main screen or, alternatively, you can click on the RETRIEVER tab at the top and select the 'How To...' menu item.

Departments (or Groups)

When you have a report, project or cost you need to monitor on a selection of extensions without altering the main organisational cost centre structure, we've added a 'How To...' Create an Adhoc Group of Extensions. 

If you would like more information about Organisational Structures and how they work within LUMBERJACK including the use of Reassign and update, we have created a 'How To...' reference guide to Organisational Structures.

Exporting and Importing Extension Lists

If you need the extension information held within LUMBERJACK to put into a different package, we have a number of options so that the data can be exported for you, send us an email and we can discuss the best plan for you.

Furthermore, we can import your organisational structure automatically, either just names against users, or perhaps the entire structure. This often has a cost associated to it, but you can set-up an automatic update file to be emailed to us and this would populate the database on a regular, say monthly, basis. Send us an email and we can see if there is a cost and what format is best for both parties.

Seasonal Good Wishes from Focom Ltd

During the Christmas break we will be working reduced hours (cutting down all the Christmas trees is hard work for the LUMBERJACKS!)


Fri 23rd December 2011 - 09:00 to 13:00

Mon 26th to Tues 27th December 2011 - CLOSED

Wed 28th to Fri 30th December 2011 - 10:30 to 15:00

New Year

Mon 2nd January 2012 - CLOSED

Outside the restricted hours, will be monitored (during standard UK working hours), so if you have an urgent query, mark the subject title 'URGENT'.

May we wish you all a fantastic festive season and prosperous 2012.

Christmas Wishes from The Focom Team

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