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Zero Cost Calls

Have you ever had the situation whereby a call has no cost associated to it and you think it should do.  Within our User Support Blog, we have created a ZERO COST CALLS – WHERE TO START document to start the process of identifying whether there is an issue.

You will quickly see that this refers to a number of other How To... documents such as How to Create an Access Code, How to Create a Cost Style, How to Recost Data and How to Check Tariff Area Codes and Bands.  These can all be found within the RETRIEVER Support Blog.

Hacked Telephone Systems

On the other extreme of Zero Cost Calls, we are hearing of more and more Telephone Systems being hacked.

Remember that RETRIEVER is able to log cumulative real-time costs.  You can easily set-up a Real-Time Cumulative total on all trunks or sub-set trunks, say, international spend over £1000.  If this is of use to you, why not email us to set it up for you.

Furthermore, it is worth talking to your tariff provider to see if they are able to cap your trunks for a spend over £x.

The How to Sheet... can be found within the RETRIEVER Support Blog under Real-Time > Cumulative Total - Set-up.  If you need any further assistance, don't hesitate to call or email us.  Don't get hacked.

Software Upgrade news

We've been busy improving the customer experience by making changes to the Web Browser.

What's different? we hear you cry...

The Team have been working hard to improve certain areas when viewing lists, such as Extension lists.  Now when you look at the list of extensions, it will display a number but you can quickly search on number, or description etc.  When you have found the extension you are interested in, you can click on it and you have the option to see more information, such as all the groups that extension belongs to, etc.  The Reports Saved screen has the same Search facility, so that you don't have to scroll through 1000's of reports to find the one you want.  This facility will be rolled out on further elements along the way.

There is the ability to create an owner.  Owners can be assigned to elements within the PBX, such as Extensions, Pin Number and Account Code, etc.  When a call is charged the system determines who the owner of the element is, and provides an easy way to assign costs back to the original owner, even if they are hot-desking or using other people's phones.

We have added custom fields allowing you to define extra information to be stored against extensions, trunks, etc. should you require more than the two default fields.

We have added an Exchange Rate into the system to allow multiple currencies to be translated into a unified currency.

Support Blog

Remember that you can quickly search for any item of interest by using the SEARCH facility on the right hand side of the black menu bar.

If there is a specific How To... that you need to make your life easier, just email us with any requests.

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We promise not to bombard you with emails.  This is not a sales tool but an information one.


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