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Focom Newsletter

As a user of the LUMBERJACK software through our bureau service RETRIEVER, you will see us making improvements to the software and to provide user support for you and keeping you up-to-date on how to use the system, we are concentrating on this Newsletter on the issue of Call Monitor / Real-Time screens and alerts.

You access LUMBERJACK through the web browser so when looking at LUMBERJACK>How To... documents, you need only concentrate on the right hand column - LUMBERJACK Web User.

Support Area

We have been updating our company website and as part of the overhaul, we have improved the user area to include a blog.  We will provide all the usual queries but also use this as an area to update you on issues that have been raised on helpdesk.  To make the best use of the blog, search for your query from the main blog page.  Updating all the 'How-to's' is a mammoth task but we are working our way through them.

You can also register to make comments on the blog (details only held by us for the support blog).  These will be moderated by Support before adding to the website!  Here is a link to the How-To register for the blog.

Real-time Screens

The web user real-time screens have been redesigned and renamed 'Call Monitor'.  You still have the standard graphics but you can also generate user-defined real-time screens/email alerts.  There are four 'How To...' documents within LUMBERJACK>How To... under the heading 'Call Monitor - Real-time' and these include a General Call Monitor Overview explaining what you will see under Call Monitor.  The other three 'How To...' documents provide a more detailed breakdown on how to set-up an example of each user definable type including Setting up a Cumulative Total Real-Time, a Graph on Today and setting up an Individual Call Text.

These user definable real-times are invaluable as you can monitor, not just individual calls, but watch for spends over a day, etc.

Future Developments

Would you like to be able to access LUMBERJACK from your phone or tablet?  We are looking at ways to improve the web experience and your help would be welcomed.  What platforms/equipment are you likely to want to use and which features would you see as being key to your business needs?  Email us or add your comments to the blog.

Who to contact?...

When contacting our helpdesk support, can you ensure that you always send emails to, and telephone +44 (0) 1442 20 00 02.  We have had a number of instances where customers email or telephone individuals directly and then wonder when they don't get an immediate response.  Our staff are busy and sometimes they have to go into meetings or have training, and if they are away from their desk your important email may be ignored for some time.

End of nag.


Changing Switch/PBX/UMS?

If you are looking into changing your switch/PBX/UMS, don't forget that you do not need to change your call logger. The advantage of keeping LUMBERJACK is that you can continue to log the old technology whilst migrating to the new and you can still keep the old data 'live'.  This can save you thousands!  Any queries, email us.

VAT increases!

As you all know, VAT has increased from 17.5% to 20%.  We automatically updated all the cost fields, but if you need to manipulate a cost by a percentage or add a specific amount to each call, this can also be done.  Let us know if you need any additional cost columns. 

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