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LJ Newsletter

We have been having an internal debate about the best way of keeping our LJ customers informed and providing 'How To...' information.  We hope that you agree that an irregular newsletter, providing the latest updates and useful tips would be the most useful and easy way - allowing you to decide when you have the time to go through it.

Support Blog

We have been updating our corporate websites and as part of the overhaul, we have improved the user area to include a blog.  Much of this information will be within your manual, but sometimes, it may be easier to focus on the 'How To...' documents for LJ.

You can also register to make comments on the blog (details only held by us for the support blog).  These will be moderated by Support before adding to the website!

Pass it On...

If you feel that somebody else within your organisation should be added to this list, forward this email and let them register, or send us the details (via email) and we will register them.

We promise not to bombard you with emails.  This is not a sales tool but an information one.

Tariff news...

If you have a specially negotiated tariff, did you know that a relevant tariff table could be generated and used on your LJ system.  We have a service that can provide this service but the cost (look under LJ Tariff Maintenance) of the service is usually saved when the call costs are accurate to your bill.

Software Maintenance?

If you have software maintenance, don't forget that if you have any problems, just email us a question and we will help you out?

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In short: -

Save money;

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Plan for future growth / restructuring / reduction;

oh - and look really good at your job!