Focom Newsletter

We have been having an internal debate about the best way of letting you know what we have been beavering away with, in the background.  We hope that you agree that an irregular newsletter, providing the latest updates and useful tips would be the most useful and easy way - allowing you to decide when you have the time to go through it.

Support Blog

We have been updating our website and as part of the overhaul, we have improved the user area to include a blog.  We will provide all the usual queries but also use this as an area to update you on issues that have been raised on helpdesk.  To make the best use of the blog, search for your query from the main blog page.  This is a mammoth task but we are working constantly on updating 'How To...' documents.

You can also register to make comments on the blog (details only held by us for the support blog).  These will be moderated by Support before adding to the website!

Pass it On...

If you feel that somebody else within your organisation should be added to this list, forward this email and let them register, or send us the details ( and we will register them.

We promise not to bombard you with emails.  This is not a sales tool but an information one.

Bureau news

As we have explained, we are in the process of updating our 'How To...' sheets.  Is there a specific issue that you cannot get your head around?  Do you have a telecomms project coming up in the future and need some help on the types of reports you may need? Any issues, email us

Changing Switch/PBX/UMS?

Are you likely to change any telephony systems in the future, don't forget to let us know so that you don't lose any data.  Need advice? -  email us.

UK VAT increases!

As you all know, VAT has increased from 17.5% to 20%.  If you currently run reports which include a VAT Cost column, you can be rest assured as we have updated all the cost columns within your reports (where used!).  However, if you want to create column fields which manipulate the cost you can either add a percentage to the original cost, add a specific value to the original cost or both.  Can't remember how to do this?  or  Perhaps you would like to start doing this, we have created a 'How To...' on manipulating cost columns.

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