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January 2012

Although we celebrated New year on the 1st January (which now feels like a very long time ago) we recognise that the Chinese New Year started last week and traditionally lasts for 15 days.  This year is the auspicious sign, the Year of the Dragon.

The annual celebration known to us as 'Chinese' New Year, is recognised by many Asian populations worldwide, including countries such as Thailand and Singapore.

The dragon symbolises power, strength and good luck and is seen as a positive sign. We wish you all a fantastic Chinese New Year and hope that some of the strength, good luck and positivity rubs off on the rest of the world!

Licence Exceeded

Perhaps when you've logged in to LJ, or started to run a report and you've got the dreaded message to say that you have 'LICENCE EXPIRED or NOT ACTIVATED'.  You know that you have activated the system, and you're sure that you haven't added any additional extensions, so why has this happened.  So, before logging onto the website (Upgrade: Extension Licences) to give us some money to increase your licence - which is very nice but may not be necessary - lets first explore why you have received this message.

We have created a How To... document called Exceeded Your Licence? where we talk through searching for spurious extension numbers which are not in your range and are probably a bit of switch corrupted data, running unused item reports to identify any extensions which have not been used any time recently, etc.   Clearly, if all the extensions are valid and you are still over your licence, we are more than happy to take your money! The document talks you through how to upgrade your extension licence online.

LJ News

Are there any specific 'How To...' sheets that you would like to see. Please email support and we will add them to the list.

LJ Next Newsletter

The next newsletter is planned to cover those reports which show zero costed calls. This will show you where to start looking and ensuring that calls are costed correctly.

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