November 2018
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How to Drop Pounds (of Waste) This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. For many it is a time of reflection, celebration and sharing a great meal with loved ones. Unfortunately, all too often, it also means a huge uptick in waste being sent to the landfill. Discover some easy ways you can reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying dinner and quality time with family and friends during your Thanksgiving celebration.
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Give a great story this holiday season

Searching for the perfect holiday gift for your family and friends? It may not fit in a box. Instead of the latest gadget or toy, give the gift of a great story. Go on a local adventure together, repair that beloved piece of jewelry that broke or find a one-of-a-kind item while treasure hunting at antique stores. These unique gifts are a great way to show you care, not just about your loved ones, but about the planet! 25% more waste is created during the holiday season. By gifting experiences, fixing items, or buying pre-loved items, you can combat this problem and help move Austin towards our Zero Waste goal. This holiday season, choose to give a great story.
Woman with home composting tumbler

What's the Deal with Composting?

You’ve heard the buzz about composting in Austin, but you’re still confused? Not to worry! Here’s a handy composting tell-all.
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In the Spirit of Giving

We appreciate your generous gestures towards our crews during the holiday season. Please be aware that the City of Austin policy prohibits employees from receiving gifts, foods or drinks of any value. Instead, you can thank our crews by sending a hand-written note of thanks to PO Box 1088, Austin, Texas 78767. You may also call 3-1-1 to express your appreciation for an employee's work excellence, post a compliment on our Facebook page or even upload a short video. It is our pleasure to serve you and we thank you again, for your recognition and show of gratitude. Happy Holidays, from all of us at Austin Resource Recovery.
American flag: "Veterans: thank you for your service and sacrifice!
Austin Resource Recovery Veterans will be marching in Austin's Veterans Day Parade. 
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Don't forget to celebrate Recycles Day on November 15, and every day! This year we are focusing on recycling in apartments and condos. Follow us on Facebook for helpful tips and tricks around #RecyclesDay.
Happy Holidays from Austin Resource Recovery! Remember that all trash, recycling and compost (or yard trimmings) collection will "slide" forward one day on Thanksgiving.
Zilker Holiday Tree Lighting
Visit us at the Zilker Holiday Tree Lighting on November 25.
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