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We've been quiet for many months...developing our first original production.
See below for news & updates on our most ambitious project to date: JUAREZ
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Juarez Kickstarter campaign
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Horse Head Theatre Co. announces the making of our first original production...

As you may have noticed, the Horse Head crew has been quiet over the last several months. Contrary to how it might appear publicly, we've actually been working more fervently than ever before. We've been meeting, making new connections, developing a brand new script, and planning for the future of the company. We now have something to say.

In the Summer of 2012, Horse Head Theatre Co. will undertake its most ambitious and difficult production: JUAREZ

JUAREZ will be the first completely original production from Horse Head. Artist/songwriter Terry Allen created a haunting concept album entitled Juarez in the 1970s that has been begging to be theatricalized since its release. With the support of Mr. Allen, we have already begun writing and rehearsing a realization of his album. We are crafting an immersive experience designed to be a powerful new form of art, and our realization of what theatre can and should be.

Continuing the tradition of selecting a venue based on the work, we will stage the play at The Silo, a large and raw location that will let us build a truly astonishing world for Mr. Allen’s “simple story.”

In order to do it right, the budget for this show exceeds our average production budget by about four times. We are seeking several sources of funding to make it happen without compromising our artistic vision. One of the ways in which we are raising funds is through KICKSTARTER, the world's largest funding platform for creative projects. The way Kickstarter works is that we must meet our campaign goal of $12,500 or we don't get any of the funds pledged towards this project. Our contribution levels begin at $1! Through the generosity of many people, we are confident that we will reach our goal.
Terry Allen's Juarez concept album
Click here to listen to Terry Allen's concept album "Juarez" and imagine it theatricalized! Many thanks to Sugar Hill Records for providing this soundcloud for us to share with you!
Help us create this transformative piece of theatre by donating to our Kickstarter campaign today.
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The Marriange of Sailor and Spanish Alice
On Saturday, January 28th we kicked off our JUAREZ fundraising campaign with an intimate dinner with our closest friends & supporters. The incredible alt-folk-progressive band MilkDrive serenaded us with several Terry Allen tunes and two young talents Michael Keeney and Victoria Villareal played the parts of the two lovers from Juarez, Sailor and Spanish Alice. Click here to see some of the photos taken at the dinner.

Stay tuned for more opportunities to hang out with the Horse Head company members and find out more about JUAREZ.
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