June 2011 Jasper Apps Newsletter

June 2011 Update

It's been a busy month moving to new premises and finishing the Kea release I announced for My Vacation last month.  This has just now been submitted to Apple!  

To recap - the app will be translated into French, German and Japanese.  There will be improvements to the slideshows, how you edit journals, and a way to send photos and videos to your Facebook wall.  

Since last month another important feature sneaked into the release, allowing you to import and export trips to your desktop!  We've also received some really interesting ideas for new features - so please keep them coming.

Working in the apps business always brings with it really interesting avenues for collaboration.  This month I caught up with an old friend who is also an immensely talented musician and composer.  The result being that in My Vacation HD you will have a selection of beautiful background tracks to listen to when viewing the playback of your trip.  

Over on the blog, each week I added a weekly tip on how to use My Vacation.  I hope these have been helpful and interesting to follow.  Topics ranged from data roaming to sending trips out to Flickr and Dropbox.  I also reported during WWDC on what impact iOS 5 may have on our apps, and previewed Red Pop - an innovative new gadget for iPhone photographers.

Finally, in the last couple of days My Vacation and My Vacation HD have been featured in Apple's 'Plan your Holiday' collections on the App Store!  If you can spare a moment and leave a review for either of the apps, this really helps keeps them in the frame for these kind of promotions.

Kind Regards,
Tony Short,
Jasper Apps.

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