July 2011 Jasper Apps Newsletter

Jasper Apps Newsletter, July 2011

I hope it feels more like Summer where you are!  This month was another busy one with a major update to My Vacation going live.

July began with all versions of My Vacation being updated on the App Store, and then being featured by Apple in various app lists across the world, such as 'Plan your holiday' and 'Summer'.  We also exceeded 150,000 downloads.  This figure includes downloads of the Lite version but still a big milestone!  You can read our recent press release here.

We also introduced a brand new support forum, powered by Get Satisfaction.  By making customer support public I hope it will help increase everyone's understanding of how the apps work and the ideas and issues we are dealing with.  

The Tip of the Week continued with posts on how to archive your trips, use the packing lists feature, publish single photos and how you can send to Tumblr.

We had some nice mentions in the travel media this month too.  iPhone App Café wrote "My Vacation: A Better Way to Record Your Journeys..." and gave us 5 stars (or coffee cups)!

"My Vacation deserves five stars for its clear, elegant graphics, a very user-friendly interface, and for making it so easy to do the inevitable bragging to friends once you’ve returned home – and all for only $2.99! Finally, someone has thought of everything."

Work is continuing on the next update, making sure iOS 5 works well with My Vacation, and improving the way you can import photos and videos.  You can follow the latest news on our blog, Facebook and Twitter, where there will soon be news on an upcoming photography competition!

Kind Regards,
Tony Short,
Jasper Apps.

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