May 2011 Jasper Apps Newsletter

May 2011 Newsletter: Keas and Gorillapods

Summer is almost here, and we've been busy preparing a new update for your My Vacation apps!  

Continuing the theme of animals I saw in New Zealand the upcoming 'Kea' release will see My Vacation go multi-lingual for the first time!  The folks at Tethras are busy translating the apps initially into French, German and Japanese.  The update will also provide improvements to the slideshows, journal text editing and, following the vote on our Facebook page, the ability to send individual photos and videos to your Facebook page.  I'll update you with the full details when the update has been released.

Over the last month we've seen a big increase in the number of followers on Facebook - to over 3000!  It has also been good to see the iPad 2 launch having a positive impact on My Vacation HD sales.  

A number of travel blog and app review sites have written some really positive reviews of the apps over the last month too.  These came from Beers and Beans, Crazy Mike's Apps, Go Girl Magazine and AppDigity who are in the middle of running an app competition we're competing in called App Wars.  When voting starts for the next round we'd really appreciate your vote!

On our blog you'll find a new segment on tips for using My Vacation.  In the first installment I tell you more about what those little hearts are there for in the app and how they let you rate your photos.  I have also written a gadget review of the Gorillapod tripod and would recommend it to those who want to pack lightly on their next trip.

I wish you all the best on your travels,

Kind Regards,
Tony Short,
Jasper Apps.

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