October 2011 Jasper Apps Newsletter

October 2011 Newsletter

Since our last newsletter we have completed our marathon series of tips for using My Vacation with how to use the blog publishing features of the app (Blogger's Delight) and what app settings are available (There's a Setting for that).  If there's any other aspect of the app you would like to find out more about then please get in touch.

One of the previous tips focused on how to update Tumblr from the app.  I've been working on a proper integration with their API and it all appears to be working fine so should be in the next update.  Following a couple of minor updates recently, the next update (codenamed Tuatara) should fit in a few more noteworthy features and improvements.

We have had another couple of nice mentions in the blogosphere with iPhoneAppCafé featuring in their monthly top 5, iPhone App Storm featuring us in their Summer Vacation special and being reviewed by wedocode.

With the new iPhone being announced maybe featuring the olloclip gadget for iPhone 4 may not be the best timing but with an almost identical case on the new iPhone hopefully it will still be compatible, and offer some cool hardware lens effects to your photos.

On a related subject I have blogged about the implications of iPhone 4S and iOS 5 in relation to My Vacation.  The key features in my view being the new camera on the iPhone 4S and the increased availability of display mirroring so you can view your trips on the big screen.

Finally, it's on a sad note to hear the news of Steve Jobs' passing.  Without his influence on Apple, my change in career to start Jasper Apps may not have taken place.  I'll leave you with a quote of his:

"Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life."

Kind Regards,
Tony Short,
Jasper Apps.

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