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Latin American Traveler

The magazine for Latin American travel, nature and culture.
Issue #1 : January 2015
Published by Ideal South America
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Scientists Hope to Bring a Galápagos Tortoise Species Back to Life

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The dodo is dead. The passenger pigeon has passed on. But Lonesome George, the iconic Galápagos tortoise whose death marked the end of his species, is in post-mortem luck.
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Sunken Spanish galleon contains Peru treasures

After locating the San Jose treasure ship in 1981, Colombia’s Head of State announced via Twitter that it finally salvaged the treasures lost 300 years ago off their Caribbean coast.
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Accessible Machu Picchu: Adventures for all the family

As one of humanity’s most iconic achievements, Machu Picchu needs very little introduction. Known worldwide as the most enduring symbol of the Americas’ pre-Columbian civilizations, it’s a testament to the remarkable - and still barely understood - ingenuity of the Inca Empire. But is visiting Machu Picchu as challenging as you might think?
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In a rush to Machu Picchu, too many overlook the interesting Lima

With some of our frequent-flyer miles expiring, we decided to take a trip as far as we could and chose exciting Lima, Peru. It turned out to be a great choice, to fly that far south and challenge our senses and tastes with a cosmopolitan South American experience.
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Is Bogota Latin America's next capital of cuisine?

Look out Lima. The restaurant, chef and food scene in Bogotá, Colombia is booming. So, is this Latin America’s next capital of cuisine?
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Culture & History

Top 8 Latin American Films of 2015

You're really reluctant to see these photos, huh? :)

Film critic Juan Pablo Castiblanco Ricaurte picks out eight of his favourite Latin American films from 2015.
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Untangling an Accounting Tool and an Ancient Incan Mystery

In a dry canyon strewn with the ruins of a long-dead city, archaeologists have made a discovery they hope will help unravel one of the most tenacious mysteries of ancient Peru: how to read the knotted string records, known as khipus, kept by the Incas.
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