IGAC eBulletin September 2018
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IGAC eBulletin - September 2018
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IGAC Community News/Announcements

IGAC Announcements

Joint 14th iCACGP Quadrennial Symposium/15th IGAC Science Conference 2018
25-29 September 2018
Takamatsu, Japan

We look forward to seeing you in Japan soon!

All early career scientists attending iCACGP-IGAC 2018 are invited to participate in early career events throughout the week, 25-29 September 2018. 

2020 16th IGAC Science Conference location announced: Manchester, UK
IGAC congratulates the Manchester, UK Local Organizing Committee, chaired by Hugh Coe, for being selected to host the 2020 16th IGAC Science Conference.
Save the date! 14-18  September 2020.

IGAC Publications

TOAR Assessment Report:  Papers published so far 
The assessment report is being published as a series of papers in the peer-reviewed journal, Elementa – Science of the Anthropocene.   Papers published so far are available through a Special Feature of Elementa:

  • Mills G, Pleijel H, Malley CS, Sinha B, Cooper OR, Schultz MG, Neufeld HS, Simpson D, Sharps K,  Feng Z,  Gerosa G,  Harmens H, Kobayashi K,  Saxena P,  Paoletti E,  Sinha V, Xu X, Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report: Present-day tropospheric ozone distribution and trends relevant to vegetation. Elem Sci Anth. 2018;6(1):47. DOI:
  • Gaudel, A, et al. 2018. Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report: Present-day distribution and trends of tropospheric ozone relevant to climate and global atmospheric chemistry model evaluation. Elem Sci Anth, 6: 39. DOI:
  • Lefohn AS, Malley CS, Smith L, Wells B, Hazucha M, Simon H, Naik V, Mills G, Schultz MG, Paoletti E, De Marco A, Xu X, Zhang L, Wang T, Neufeld HS, Musselman RC, Tarasick D, Brauer M, Feng Z, Tang H, Kobayashi K, Sicard P, Solberg S, Gerosa G. Tropospheric ozone assessment report: Global ozone metrics for climate change, human health, and crop/ecosystem research. Elem Sci Anth. 2018;6(1):28. DOI:
  • Fleming*, Zoë. L., Ruth M. Doherty*, Erika von Schneidemesser, Christopher S. Malley, Owen R. Cooper, Joseph P. Pinto, Augustin Colette, Xiaobin Xu, David Simpson, Martin G. Schultz, Allen S. Lefohn, Samera Hamad, Raeesa Moolla, Sverre Solberg, Zhaozhong Feng (2018), Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report: Present-day ozone distribution and trends relevant to human health,  Elem Sci Anth. 2018;6(1):12. DOI:
  • Young*, P. J., V. Naik*, A. M. Fiore, A. Gaudel, J. Guo, M. Y. Lin, J. L. Neu, D. D. Parrish, H. E. Rieder, J. L. Schnell, S. Tilmes, O. Wild, L. Zhang, J. R. Ziemke, J. Brandt, A. Delcloo, R. M. Doherty, C. Geels, M. I. Hegglin, L. Hu, U. Im, R. Kumar, A. Luhar, L. Murray, D. Plummer, J. Rodriguez, A. Saiz-Lopez, M. G. Schultz, M. T. Woodhouse and G. Zeng (2018), Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report: Assessment of global-scale model performance for global and regional ozone distributions, variability, and trends, Elem Sci Anth. 2018;6(1):10. DOI:
  • Schultz, M. G. and 96 co-authors (2017), Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report:  Database and metrics data of global surface ozone observations, Elem Sci. Anth, 5, DOI:
  • Chang, K-L, I. Petropavlovskikh, O. R. Cooper, M. G. Schultz and T. Wang (2017), Regional trend analysis of surface ozone observations from monitoring networks in eastern North America, Europe and East Asia, Elem Sci Anth., 5:50,DOI:

WMO has published the final version of their report on low-cost sensors, which is endorsed by IGAC.
Low-cost sensors for the measurement of atmospheric composition: Overview of topic and future Applications.

Other Community News

Call for SPARC SSG nominations now open
Deadline 15 September 2018

2018 Call for Application: Future Earth Governing Council

Deadline 10 September 2018

Dear IGAC Community,

We would like to encourage you to email your submitted papers on topics relevant to short-lived climate forcers and their implications for air quality to the lead authors of IPCC AR6 WG1 chapter 6 (‘Short-lived climate forcers’) via .

All papers received will be treated as confidential.

The deadlines for citation in AR6 WG1 are submission by 31st December 2019 and acceptance by 30th September 2020.

We would appreciate it if you could include in the subject of your email: ‘IPCC AR6 WGI Chapter 6: Relevant paper’.

Best wishes, 
AR6 Chapter 6 Lead Authors
(Bhupesh Adhikary, Paulo Eduardo Artaxo Netto, Terje Berntsen, William Collins [US], Sandro Fuzzi, Laura Gallardo, Astrid Kiendler-Scharr, Zbigniew Klimont, Hong Liao, Vaishali Naik, Sophie Szopa, Nadine Unger, and Prodromos Zanis)
IGAC Sponsored/Endorsed Events

2018 iCACGP/IGAC Early Career Short Course
IGAC Sponsored
22-24 September 2018
Shodoshima Island, Japan

Joint 14th iCACGP Quadrennial Symposium/15th IGAC Science Conference 2018
IGAC Sponsored
25-29 September 2018
Takamatsu, Japan

IGAC Sponsored
29-30 September 2018
Takamatsu, Japan

School of Atmospheric Measurements in Latin America and the Caribbean: Atmospheric Particles and Reactive Gases (SAMLAC)
IGAC Sponsored - IGAC Americas Working Group
12-17 November 2018
Abstract/Application deadline 5 September 2018

Influence of costal pollution on marine atmosphere chemistry: Effect on climate and human health
SOLAS-IGAC Sponsored
27-28 November 2018
Roma, Italy

ACPC Workshop
IGAC Endorsed
24-26 April 2019
Nanjing, China

Third ACAM Training School
IGAC Sponsored
24-25 June 2019
Universiti Kebangsan, Malaysia

Fourth ACAM Workshop
IGAC Sponsored
26-28 June 2019
Universiti Kebangsan, Malaysia

IBBI Workshop joint with the Numerical Wildfire 2020
IGAC Sponsored
11-15 May 2020
Corsica, France

2020 IGAC Science Conference
IGAC Sponsored
14-18 September 2020
Manchester, UK
IGAC Related Events

Circumpolar Remote Sensing Symposium
Polar Regions in Transformation - Climate Change and Anthropogenic Pressure
10-14 September 2018
Potsdam, Germany

Potsdam Summer School
The Skin of our Planet - The Earth Surface System
10-19 September 2018
Potsdam, Germany

Joint IG3IS - TRANSCOM Meeting
17-18 September 2018
Lund, Sweden

Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Summer School
24-28 September 2018
Jülich, Germany

2018 SPARC General Assembly
1-5 October 2018
Kyoto, Japan

The Atmospheric Composition & Chemistry Observations and Modelling Conference & Cape Grim Annual Science Meeting 2018
4-6 December 2018
Aspendale, VIC, Australia

2019 SOLAS Open Science Conference
21-25 April 2019
Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

8th International Symposium on Non CO2 Greenhouse Gases
12-14 June 2018
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Job Announcements
The below list contains options on where to look for job announcements and where to post vacant jobs too.  IGAC does not post individual job announcements in its eBulletins and encourages the community to use already existing platforms.
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