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Parshat Vayera
November 7 - 8,  2014 / 15 Chesvan 5775
Candlelighting 4:27pm
Mincha 4:30pm
Shacharit 9:00am
Mincha 4:20pm
Maariv 5:19pm
Shacharit 8:00am
This Weekend
The October and November Birthday Kiddush
Tehillah Blum, Benji Dukas, Lily Gidseg
Celia Bitton and Zachary Dauber

Thank you to the sponsoring families!
Sefer Melachim Shiur
Rabbi Helfgot's shiur on Sefer Melachim continues this Sunday, November 9, after Shacharit.
This Week, the October and November Birthday Kiddush

Sponsored by:
Robert Blum and Sarah Rindner
Richard and Gail Dukas
Tova Gidseg and Rochel Kriegel
Yoram Bitton and Amy Zwas
Jonathan and Sarah Dauber

Thank you to our clean up teams:

This week:  Moskovits/Chanales & Mouldovan

11/15  Passner & Pearlberg/Schlaff
11/22  Perelis/Jacobowitz & Pollak
11/29  Rogovin & Samad (D&J) 
12/06  Samad (M&E) & Sandler
Chesed Opportunities
Chanukah Toy Drive
The 22nd Annual Bergen County Chanukah Toy Drive has begun. Please drop off NEW toys, games, jewelry, pocketbooks, teen accessories, electronics etc. at the home of Robin and Justin Straus, 122 Golf Court (in the Country Club area), by December 9th! Get your children involved in this important mitzvah to help other children.
Please understand that the donations from this toy drive may be the ONLY gift a child receives. You can take advantage of sales at Toys R Us, Target and even order at Amazon and have it shipped directly to the Straus' s home.
We encourage you to participate in this holiday activity and be as generous as you can.
Upcoming Events
Joint Kabbalat Shabbat with the Carlebach Community of Teaneck
Friday Night
November 14. For the whole family.
Teaneck Mikvah Association's Women's Event
Please join the Teaneck Mikvah Association as we celebrate 40 years of the Teaneck Mikvah at the Annual Women's event, honoring longtime Board President Miriam Greenspan on Monday, November 17, 2013, 7:30PM at Keter Torah. To sign up for the event, please go to
Abraham and Sheila Schlussel Learning Institute
Scholar In Residence

Join us on December 5 - 6 for a special Shabbat with
Dr. Rivka Schwartz
Friday Night:  Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn: What I Learned Growing Up in the Black-Hat World

Shabbat Morning:  Privilege, Perspective, and the Modern Orthodox Community

Seudah Shlishit:  Choosing to be Obligated: The Paradox of Observance in the Contemporary World

Rivka Press Schwartz is in her first year as the Director of General Studies at the Frisch School. For the preceding five years, Rivka served as Assistant Principal at SAR High School where she also taught history. She has also taught history of science at Yeshiva and Stern Colleges.  Rivka earned a doctorate in History of Science at Princeton University, writing about the cultural history of the Manhattan Project; a BA from Case Western Reserve University; and teachers' certification from Beth Jacob Seminary in Jerusalem.
Toys and Games for Groups
The Netivot Shalom youth committee is looking for gently used or new creative toys for our Nursery to Kindergarten-aged children and board and / or card games for older children.  No books please.  Some Netivot Shalom members have seeded a fund for toys and games for youth groups and we encourage others to join.  If you have gently used or new toys or games to donate and /or wish to donate money to purchase new toys or games, please contact Pam Scheininger at pscheininger@hotmail.com.
In Our Kehilla
Bikur Cholim
As many of you know, as part of Netivot’s Shalom’s commitment to chesed and volunteerism, we have started a bikur cholim program, through which members and their families are encouraged to visit patients at Care One on Shabbat afternoons (or other times during the week, if that’s more convenient for you).
Also, if you know of anyone within our community who is ill or home bound and would like visitors, please be in touch with Richard Dukas; richard@dukaspr.com; 201/417-7730.
A sign-up spreadsheet is linked here.  The process is pretty simple:
  • Sign up for one or more Shabbat afternoon per month.  You can sign-up for as many or as few as you like.  Please note how many people from your family are likely to attend.
  • Try to coordinate with any other families/people who have signed up for a particular week before you go.  Please list your contact info on the sign-up sheet so you can easily be in touch with others who may have signed up for the same Shabbat as you.
  • When you arrive at Care One, stop at the front desk for a list of the patients who would like to be visited.
  • Before entering a patient’s room, knock on the door gently (if opened) and peek your head in to see if they are there.  If so, simply ask, “Would you like visitors.” (If the door is closed, assume they want privacy.)
  • If “yes,” to the above, we recommend that you sit with the patient for about 10-15 minutes (depending on their health condition, interest, etc.).
  • Try to steer the conversation away from their health conditions, if possible, but feel to discuss it with them, if they like. 
  • Good topics of conversation are:  “Jewish geography,”  the parsha, life in Teaneck, questions about their family and life when they’re not at Care One, “where they were raised?” etc.
  • In total, a bikur cholim visit to Care One should take 60-75 minutes.
If you have any questions or comments, please be directly in touch with Richard Dukas.  Thank you.
Community Tanach Study
Please take part in our shul wide learning program of all of Tanach, to culminate with a siyum on Shavuot, the holiday of the giving of the Torah.

To sign up, click the link below and chose the book you would like to read. Each book can divided up between family members and studied together or individually, In addition, once the slots are full, people can double up on books already taken. 
Everyone is invited to participate in this opportunity to learn Torah collectively as a community. The web address for the sign up is http://bit.ly/1sWh8Ga.
Invite prospective and new families for a Shabbat meal! 
As new families visit and join our shul, we would like to welcome them and help them meet shul members. If you'd like to be among the hosts (or would like to be hosted), please e-mail Daniel Moskovits at  daniel.moskovits@gmail.com or call 917-328-7163.
Shul Library 
We are glad that many of our members are using the shul library and want to encourage everyone to take advantage of this resource. Please keep in mind that without a staff we need everyone's cooperation to keep the library organized and accessible to everyone:
  • Do not take books from the library out of the shul unless prior arrangements have been made and we can keep a record of books removed.
  • Return books to the shelf where they came from in the location that they were in. If they are part of a set, please help keep the set intact and in order. Do not leave books on the table or in random locations on shelves.
  • We are missing some books that members have presumably borrowed. If you have any of the shul's books, please let Bonnie Rogovin (the.rogovins@gmail.com) know that you have them and please return them promptly.
In Our Community
For Details, Click Here
  • 11/8 10th Annual IDF Tribute Dinner
  • 11/9 Yavneh Academy 10th Annual Benjamin Schwartz Memorial 5K Run
  • 11/9 Panel discussion on "A Women's Experience Saying Kaddish" at Rinat Yisrael
  • 11/9 Sample sale to benefit Tomchei Shabbos of BC
  • 11/11 RTMA's Open House
  • 11/11 Yeshivat He'Atid's Open House\
  • 11/14-15 Rabbi Shalom Rosner, Rebbe, Yeshivat Reishit Yerushalayim at Rinat Yisrael
  • 11/16 Holy Name Medical Center's Jewish Women's Health Symposium
  • 11/16 Drisha Institute & Mechon Hadar host a Global Day of Jewish Learning
  • 11/18 AIPAC & Keter Torah: Evening with Yossi Klein HaLevi, Senior Fellow, Shalom Hartman Institute
  • 12/6 JEC Alumni Network presents Charlie Harary
  • Zumba for Girls (K - 5th grade) at Rinat Yisrael Sundays
  • New Thursday night Parsha Shiur at Rinat Yisrael
  • Yeshivat Noam Tuesday Morning Parent Shiur: Torah and Psychology series presented by Dr. Alex Mondrow
  • Be a Reading Buddy - JFNNJ
  • Salon Tiferet at Minyan Tiferet of Tenafly & Englewood
  • Rav Meir Goldwicht's Parshat HaShavua in Hebrew resumes
  • Torah in the AM
  • Ma'ayanot Shiurim
  • Center for Food Action
  • Announcing MyMakom Teaneck - online resource
  • Tomchei Shabbos help needed in Bergenfield
  • Chesed Opportunities
  • Newspaper coupons for Helping Hands Food Pantry
  • Ample Harvest
  • Support Groups
  • Simcha G'machs - tables, chairs, centerpieces, tablecloths, bris pillows, pillowcases and outfits, wedding presents and medical supplies
Coming up at Davar
November 14-15 James Kugel
January 30 -31 Matti Friedman
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