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Pesach - Last Days/Shabbat
April 9 - 11, 2015 /21 - 22 Nisan 5775
Thursday - Pesach 6
Eruv Tavshilin  
Candlelighting  7:11pm
Mincha 7:15pm
Maariv 7:35pm
Erev Shabbat - Pesach 7
Shacharit 9:00am
Dvar Torah by Aliza Kaplan  
Early Mincha 6:00pm
Kabbalat Shabbat & Maariv 6:08pm
Latest Candlelighting 7:12pm
Shabbat - Pesach 8
Shacharit  9:00am
Yizkor (approximate) 10:45am
Mincha  7:15pm
Shuir by Rabbi David Nachbar   
Maariv  8:05pm
Havdalah 8:13pm
 Welcome to our kehila's newest members, Rachel & Joshua Bernstein,
and their son, Hillel (2)
Please remember to prepare an Eruv Tavshilin before the last two days of Pesach.
Please note that Rabbi Helfgot will be in Israel for a family simcha for Pesach. If you have any questions during the holiday you can contact Rabbi Aharon Ciment - rabbi@arzeidarom.org or cell 201-233-1683.
If you sold chametz by agency of Rabbi Helfgot, please wait two hours after havdalah before reclaiming it. 
  Potluck Kiddush on the Last Days of Pesach 

Potluck Kiddush on the Last Days of Pesach
On the last day(s) of Pesach, in keeping with our existing practice, we will be having a potluck kiddush.  Please refer to the excerpt from the Netivot Shalom kashrut policy found below if you are intending to bring food for the kiddush.   This kiddush has always been a great way to use food that will be left over after Pesach and we encourage you to participate. 
Pesach Kiddush Policy:
In order to ensure that all food served is in accordance with the more stringent strictures applicable during Pesach, all contributions to the Kiddush must be store bought and in their original sealed packages. Please ensure that all products have mainstream well-accepted hashgahot such as OU, OK, Kof-K, Star- K, CRC, and COR. Any products bought in stores under the RCBC are also fine. If you have any questions about any product, please contact R. Ciment before Yom Tov. Please note that there are many products marked Kosher for Passover that contain kitniyot, such as corn syrup, corn oil, and sesame seeds/oil, including snacks, halva etc. Our policy excludes these items for Pesach -- please do not bring them since they will not be served.
The clean up team for the last day is you--everyone is asked to pitch in and help clean up. Thank you
Post-Pesach Food Drive
 MATZA, TUNA, MAYO, CANNED GOODS, OIL, SODA, JUICE, KETCHUP, SPICES, JAM, MIXES, CANDY, ETC……What to do with unopened food from Pesach? We will once again be collecting all of your unopened, non-perishable food to be donated to local Gmachs and food pantries. Please drop off the food from Sunday, April 12, until Sunday, April 19 at the home of: Debby & AZ Rapps- 1499 Sussex Rd, (Corner Warwick) Teaneck (201)837-9683. Please leave food on the back deck, on Warwick Ave., during daylight hours so that animals don’t get into it overnight. Please don’t leave the food in the rain. Thank you and Tizku lemitzviot.
Thank You
Thank you to Noah Rothblatt and Pam Scheininger for cleaning out the coatroom and kitchen, and to Alex Moskovits for single-handedly kashering utensils for community members.
 POTLUCK KIDDUSH: See announcement about our potluck kiddushes.

Thank you to our clean up teams!  

This week:  Pesach Kiddushes - ALL help clean up

4/18      Druck & Dukas
4/25      Dworken & Edelman
5/2        Epstein & Esquenazi
5/9        Fass & Fisher

Nominating Committee and Nominations

We are pleased to announce the formation of our 2015 Nominating Committee chaired by Marty Heistein (MHeistein@bbwg.com). The other members are Gail Dukas (gail@dukaspr.com) and David Montag (djmontag@gmail.com).

There are six board positions, each with a two-year term,  that will be open for the May 2015 elections. This includes all officers (President, Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Programs, Secretary and Treasurer) and one general board member. This is a great opportunity to get more involved in Netivot Shalom through joining the Board of Directors.

Please contact any of the committee members for more information, if you are interested in running for the board, or if you would like to recommend someone for one of these positions
Upcoming Events
Like to Lead Services?
The Belz School of Jewish Music at Yeshiva University is pleased to announce the Bayrish Schreiber Memorial Seminar in the musical nusach of Shacharit for Shabbat. This tuition-free four week seminar conducted by members of the Belz faculty will take place at Cong. Bnai Yeshurun on Thursday Evenings, 8 - 9:30 PM, from April 30th through May 21st. All Baalei Tefilla and aspiring Baalei Tefillah are invited to attend these sessions, which will grant a Certificate of Completion to all those who finish the series. Learn the beautiful, accurate nusach of the Belz School, and discover facts that you never knew about Tefillat Schacharit. This seminar is free and open to all residents of Bergen County.

In addition, Netivot Shalom has a CD you can borrow with Lincoln Square synagogue's Chazan Emeritus Sherwood Goffin guiding you through the entire nusach of Shabbat. Please see Michael Rogovin to borrow this CD. 
Annual Yom Hashoa Commemoration

The Jewish Community Council of Greater Teaneck invites you to the annual
Yom Hashoa Commemoration on Thursday, April 15, 2015 at Teaneck High School at 7:30pm. The keynote speakers this year are Howard and Nancy Kleinberg
who first met in Bergen-Belson Concentration Camp where Nancy saved Howard's life. Their story of survival and reunion is nothing short of a miracle.
Pre-event reception for survivors and their families is at 6pm in the Media Room. To register for survivor reception, please call Dena Levie at 917-334-0937
Shabbat Afternoon Scholars Series

A monthly talk between mincha and maariv on Shabbat afternoon given by local scholars.

April 18, 2015
Shoshana Chanales
Judaic Studies Faculty, SAR High School

Men Are From Mars and Women Are Also.
The Relationship Between Men and Women As Seen
Through Parshat Bereshit. 

Mincha at 7:00pm

Click here or on the poster below to download a PDF Flyer for the entire series

Monthly Joint Kabbalat Shabbat Service with Carlebach Community of Teaneck

The Carlebach Community of Teaneck will daven
with us next on April 24.

The Netivot Shalom Education Committee presents: 
"How To Read The Bible":
A panel discussion on Biblical interpretation
focusing on Parshat Tazria-Metzora
Dr. Tammy Jacobowitz on the Midrashic approach
Ms. Sarah Rindner on the Literary approach
Dr. Shuli Sandler on the Psychoanalytic approach
Moderated by Rabbi Nati Helfgot

On Shabbat, April 25th following Kiddush.
In Our Kehilla
Bikur Cholim
Members and their families are encouraged to visit patients at Care One on Shabbat afternoons (or other times during the week, if that’s more convenient for you).

A sign-up spreadsheet is linked here.  
Also, if you know of anyone within our community who is ill or home bound and would like visitors, please be in touch with Richard Dukas; richard@dukaspr.com; 201/417-7730.
Community Tanach Study
Please take part in our shul wide learning program of all of Tanach, to culminate with a siyum on Shavuot, the holiday of the giving of the Torah.

To sign up, click the link below and chose the book you would like to read. Each book can divided up between family members and studied together or individually, In addition, once the slots are full, people can double up on books already taken. Everyone is invited to participate in this opportunity to learn Torah collectively as a community. The web address for the sign up is http://bit.ly/1sWh8Ga.
Invite prospective and new families for a Shabbat meal! 
As new families visit and join our shul, we would like to welcome them and help them meet shul members. If you'd like to be among the hosts (or would like to be hosted), please e-mail Daniel Moskovits at  daniel.moskovits@gmail.com or call 917-328-7163.
For Your Information
Teaneck Fire Prevention Bureau
In the wake of the terrible fire in Brooklyn please note that the Teaneck Fire Prevention Bureau has a service for residents to request an inspection of their home to determine whether fire hazards exist. A fire prevention specialist will visit your home and do a comprehensive examination and give recommendations for changes that will greatly reduce the possibility of fire. Please contact the Bureau at (201) 808-8080 ext. 5204 to schedule an appointment or for more information.
Keylim Mikvah Awareness Month
Every family in Teaneck, Bergenfield and New Milford benefits from the keylim mikvah all year round, but especially during the busy month before Pesach. Please help us recognize its importance by financially supporting the mikvah during Keylim Mikvah Awareness Month. Funds collected will be used exclusively for the daily operational expenses of the mikvah including insurance costs, supplies, and equipment. Suggested amount is $36 per family, but of course, any contribution is appreciated. Payments may be made online at www.teaneckmikvah.com. Thank you!
Now through April 30, 2015  North American Jews have the opportunity to elect delegates for the 37th Annual World Zionist Congress.To register and vote go to www.myvoteourisrael.com
 In Our Community
For Details, Click Here
  • 4/11 Rabbi Mordechai Feurstein speaking at Keter Torah for 22nd Yahrzeit of HaRav Joseph B Soloveitchik, zt"l
  • 4/15 & 5/17 Heichal HaTorah's community wide Siyum HaShas.
  • 4/16 Teaneck Observance of Yom Hashoa at Teaneck High School and letter about the event
  • 4/30 - 5/21 Bayrish Schreiber Memorial Seminar in the musical nusach of Shacharit for Shabbat at Bnai Yeshurun
  • 5/14 JFNNJ One Book, One Community Event: Meet the Author of The Golem & The Jinni at Temple Emeth
  • 6/3 OU Advocacy Center Leadership Mission to Washington
  • Taglit-Birthright Trip for Modern Orthodox Graduates of Jewish Day Schools
  • Birthright Free Trips to Israel for young adults,18 - 26.
  • JFNNJ Summer Program from Young Adults 19-27
  • Ma'ayanot offering free tutoring for 1st - 5th graders
  • Thursday night Parsha Shiur at Rinat Yisrael
  • Yeshivat Noam Tuesday Morning Parent Shiur series presented by Rabbi Uri Goldstein: Tricks, Loopholes, and Legal Fictions: Does Halacha Allow Us to Deceive God?  
  • Rav Meir Goldwicht's Parshat HaShavua in Hebrew resumes
  • Torah in the AM
  • Center for Food Action
  • Tomchei Shabbos help needed in Bergenfield
  • Chesed Opportunities
  • Newspaper coupons for Helping Hands Food Pantry
  • Ample Harvest
  • Support Groups
  • Simcha G'machs - tables, chairs, centerpieces, tablecloths, bris pillows, pillowcases and outfits, wedding presents and medical supplies
Coming Up at Davar
April 24 & 25 - Daniel Segal, Community Rabbi of Alon, founding member of Ein Prat Academy of Leadership
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