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Parshat Matot-Masei
July 17 - 18, 2015 /2 Av 5775
Latest Candlelighting  8:07pm
Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat with the Carlebach Minyan of Teaneck 7:00pm
Shacharit 9:00am
Mincha 8:00pm
Maariv 9:00pm
Havdalah 9:08pm
Shacharit 8:00am
This Week
 Carlebach Minyan at Netivot Shalom
The Carlebach Minyan of Teaneck joins Netivot Shalom for Friday Evening Davening. Mincha begins at 7:00pm. 
This week kiddush is sponsored by the shul.

Thank you to our clean up teams!  

This week:  Kruman & Langer

7/25     Lebovitch & Lopkin
8/1       Michelson & Milgram
8/8       Montag & L/A Moskovits
8/15     Moskovits/Chanales & Mouldovan

Upcoming Events
Third Annual Community Wide Yoetzet Halacha Event
 JULY 20, 2015 AT 8:00PM AT RINAT

The Teaneck Yoetzet Committee invites women to Stories of Our
Struggles and Our Strengths: A series of dramatic monologues,
written by local women and presented by (other) local women, addressing struggles and strengths that we share as Jewish women on our journey through life. Featuring remarks by Yoetzet Halacha, Shoshana Samuels. For more information or to sponsor, please visit http://www.rinat.org/teaneckyoetzet.
Halakhot of the Nine Days 

We begin the Nine Days with Rosh Hodesh Av on Friday. Below is a review of some of the basic halakhot of the Nine Days leading up to Tisha beav.
a) During the Nine Days one should abstain from eating meat or drinking wine, including grape juice except for on shabbat.
b) The Havdalah wine on the first shabbat of the Nine Days should not be drunk, but rather a child should drink a small amount. If there is no child around, one should drink a small amount.
c) One should avoid situations where one might be obligated in saying shehechiyanu during the Nine Days, even on Shabbat.
d) One should not go swimming during the Nine Days for pleasure. If one must swim for health reasons one may continue. As in our society our bathing and showering is done for cleanliness and not pleasure, one is permitted to take a regular shower in hot or cold water in a normal fashion.
e) Based on the piskei halakha of Rav Nachum Rabinovitch and others given our  hygenic habits and culture, there is no prohibition during the Nine Days in wearing freshly laundered clothing such as underwear, undershirts, polo shirts, regular pants and shirts which we change daily. One should not wear a newly dry cleaned suit or blazer or dress pants during the Nine Days except on shabbat. One should try to have enough of the clothing that one will use before the Nine Days but if one cannot (especially with young children,) one is allowed to launder all clothing that one is allowed to wear.

Shabbat Tisha Beav
As Tisha beav falls out on Shabbat the fast day is moved to the next day, Yom Rishon which begins on Saturday evening. As such, there is no classic seudah hamafseket before Tisha beav of bread and ashes and water. One is permitted and encouraged to eat a large seudah shlishit in the afternoon before the fast begins at sunset of the close of Shabbat. Mincha will be early this year at 6:00 PM to accommodate this.
One must be careful to conclude all eating before sunset, which takes place this year at 8:19 PM on Shabbat.
When Tisha beav begins one is not permitted to wear leather shoes, thus practically there are two options available for Saturday evening as one leaves Shabbat.
a) One can bring their non-leather shoes to shul on Friday before mincha and leave them there and put them on right as Shabbat ends, after saying hamavdil bein kodesh lechol right before Maariv
b) If that is not feasible or one forgets, one should walk to shul right before maariv in their non-leather shoes.
Tisha B'Av Times

Mincha at 6pm on Saturday, July 25th
Last time to eat:  8:19pm
Maariv and Eicha at 9:00 PM

Sunday - Shacharit at 8:00 AM
Chatzot at 1:02 PM
Mincha at 7:50 PM
Maariv at 8:30 PM
Fast Ends at 8:50 PM
In Our Kehilla
Lamdeinu Summer Classes

Join Lamdeinu for our exciting July classes beginning Monday, June 29th. Register for morning classes in Advanced Talmud for Women: Gittin with Rabbi David Nachbar, Halakhic Perspectives on Marriage, Intimacy and Family Life with Nechama Price, and Sefer Yonah with Rachel Friedman.  We are also offering an evening class on The End of Moshe's Life in Peshat and Derash, given by Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot.  Lamdeinu is a center for Jewish learning located in Teaneck, New Jersey.  For more information and registration, please visit us at lamdeinu.org.
Bikur Cholim
Members and their families are encouraged to visit patients at Care One on Shabbat afternoons (or other times during the week, if that’s more convenient for you).

A sign-up spreadsheet is linked here.  
Also, if you know of anyone within our community who is ill or home bound and would like visitors, please be in touch with Richard Dukas; richard@dukaspr.com; 201/417-7730.
Invite prospective and new families for a Shabbat meal! 
As new families visit and join our shul, we would like to welcome them and help them meet shul members. If you'd like to be among the hosts (or would like to be hosted), please e-mail Daniel Moskovits at  daniel.moskovits@gmail.com or call 917-328-7163.
For Your Information
Bikur Cholim of Bergen County

Bikur Cholim of Bergen County (BCBC) provides support, facilities, and services to ease the burden of families during trying times. We partner with our families to relieve some of the stress and effects of illness, with compassion and concern.   BCBC is a volunteer driven, not-for-profit organization, guided by  the RCBC.   

We are currently looking for men and women who would like to join our volunteer core of sensitive and caring individuals, so that we can expand our services to those in need. We are looking for volunteers to help with: meal preparation, driving the elderly or ill to local doctor appointments, visiting people in need, or giving respite to a caregiver. As we expand, we are also looking for people with organizational expertise to oversee new projects.
  Please visit our website at bikurcholimbergencounty.org and visit our VOLUNTEER PAGE or email volunteer@bikurcholimbergencounty.org  to sign up to help our efforts.  For any questions call us at 201-579-3066
 In Our Community
For Details, Click Here
  • 7/21 Yeshivat Noam presents shiur on Tisha B'Av by Rabbi Steven Weil at the Kirsch residence.
  • 7/26 Showing of  "Once Upon a Family: The Saga of Polish Jewry" at Keter Torah
  • 7/27 Noam 10th Annual Golf & Tennis Outing
  • 7/28 Ukuleles for Peace in Israel - Jewish & Arab Teens perform at the Jewish Center of Teaneck
  • 7/29 CareOne of Teaneck program: Navigating the Medicare Process
  • 6/2 - 7/29 Summer Semester of Lamdeinu 
  • 6/25 thru August - Summer Girls Learning Initiative
  • 6/29 - 7/31 Drisha Summer Learning
  • 7/6 - 7/20 Community Beit Midrash at Rinat Yisrael
  • Sara & Max Goldsammler Scholarship for college-bound Jewish students
  • Thursday night Parsha Shiur at Rinat Yisrael
  • Rav Meir Goldwicht's Parshat HaShavua in Hebrew 
  • Torah in the AM
  • Center for Food Action
  • Tomchei Shabbos help needed in Bergenfield
  • Chesed Opportunities
  • Newspaper coupons for Helping Hands Food Pantry
  • Ample Harvest
  • Support Groups - Nechama Comfort, Holding Hands, LOSS, Separation/Divorce Groups, Financial Freedom Support Group, Domestic Violence Group,  JACS, 2nd Generation
  • Simcha G'machs - tables, chairs, centerpieces, tablecloths, bris pillows, pillowcases and outfits, wedding presents and medical supplies
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