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September 7, 2011 - October 7, 2011

The Angus Almanac is a listing of Angus sales and events known to our staff. Sales are presented by sale date, herd/association name and herd location (also sale location, if different). If more than one herd is involved, the address listed is location of sale. A list of abbreviations is provided at the end of the e-List.

For more information about the events, click on the underlined link to visit a Web site. To view a list of online sale catalogs for upcoming Angus sales, keep scrolling down.


Date Sale Location
09/08 Black Gold Bull Sale at Colusa Fairgrounds, Colusa, CA
09/09 Tehama Angus Bull Sale Gerber, CA
09/10 Day Cattle Co. Marshfield, MO
09/10 Genetic Opportunity Sale at Grubbs Angus Farm, Hillsboro, IN
09/10 Kentucky Angus Ass’n Field Day at Reality Farms, New Castle, KY
09/10 Plateau Pride Cookeville, TN (Crossville, TN)
09/10 Ray-Mar Ranches Bull Sale Oakdale, CA (at Escalon Livestock Market, Escalon, CA)
09/10 TL Ranch PT Female Sale Monticello, MO
09/11 Green Oaks Farm Mize, KY (West Liberty, KY)
09/11 Oak Ridge Angus Bull Sale Calistoga, CA
09/11 Tennessee State Fair ROV Angus Show Nashville, TN
09/11 Wilson Cattle Co. Cloverdale, IN
09/12 Mid Valley Bull Sale at Cattlemen’s Livestock Market, Galt, CA
09/13 - 09/15 Husker Harvest Days Grand Island, NE
09/13 - 09/14 South Dakota Angus Ass’n Tour Watertown, SD
09/13 Utah State Fair Jr. and Open Angus Show Salt Lake City, UT
09/14 - 09/16 American Angus Ass’n Board Meeting Saint Joseph, MO
09/14 Bull’s Eye Breeders’ Bull Sale at Oakdale Livestock Auction, Oakdale, CA
09/15 Kansas State Fair Open Angus Show Hutchinson, KS
09/15 Newman Angus Online Embryo Sale Carmel, IN
09/15 Rancho Casino/Dal Porto Livestock Bull Sale Denair, CA
09/16 Galaxy Beef/4M & Guests Graham, MO
09/16 SE Empire Angus Show Lawrenceville, GA
09/16 Vintage Angus Ranch Bull Sale Modesto, CA (La Grange, CA)
09/17 Arellano Bravo Angus Ryde, CA (at Cattlemen’s Livestock Market, Galt, CA)
09/17 Colorado Angus Ass’n Tour Steamboat Springs, CO
09/17 Cow Power at Rally Farms, Millbrook, NY
09/17 Fernvale Angus/Hartzell Angus/Stockridge Farms Open House Private Treaty Sale Mineral Point, WI
09/17 KCS Angus Novinger, MO
09/17 Lynn Angus Farm & Friends at Dickson Livestock Center, Dickson, TN
09/17 New Mexico State Fair Open Angus Show Albuquerque, NM
09/17 North Carolina Angus Ass’n Field Day at Performance Livestock & Feed, Lawsonville, NC
09/17 Pine View Angus Female Sale Colesburg, IA
09/17 Sinclair Cattle Co. Female Sale Warfordsburg, PA
09/18 The Heritage Bull Sale at Five Star Land & Livestock, Wilton, CA
09/18 Trowbridge Angus Female Sale Ghent, NY
09/20 - 09/22 Certified Angus Beef LLC Annual Conference Sunriver, OR
09/21 - 09/23 Montana Angus Tour Havre, MT
09/22 Beef Solutions Bull Sale at Circle Ranch, Ione, CA
09/23 Dismukes Ranch Bull Sale Elk Grove, CA (at Cattlemen’s Livestock Market, Galt, CA)
09/23 Eby Ranch & Guests Emporia, KS [evening]
09/23 - 09/24 Nebraska Angus Ass’n Tour Imperial, NE
09/23 Rendezvous at Rocking R Hayden, ID
09/23 - 09/24 World Beef Expo Angus ROV Show & Sale at Wisconsin State Fair Park, West Allis, WI
09/24 Alsup Angus & Charolais Dispersion Fair Grove, MO
09/24 Ayres Angus Dynamic Divas of Montana Sale Stevensville, MT
09/24 Bobo Angus Female Sale Ardmore, AL
09/24 Boyd Beef Cattle & Guests Mays Lick, KY
09/24 Kirkes Black Angus Ranch Talihina, OK
09/24 Maplecrest Farms Hillsboro, OH
09/24 Sunset Ridge Farms Dispersion Jamestown, TN (at Knoxville Livestock Center, Knoxville, TN)
09/24 Texas Angus Ass’n Breeders’ Select Female Sale at Pitchford Sale Facility, Athens, TX
09/25 Black Diamonds & Red Legends Marietta, OK
09/25 Dunford Royal Cattle Co. Woodstock, Ontario
09/25 Gohr Angus Madras, OR
09/25 Power in the Pasture Creston, IA
09/25 Sterling Hunter Dispersion Bath, MI
09/26 Gardiner Angus Ranch Ashland, KS
09/30 - 10/01 Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle Symposium Boise, ID
09/30 California Angus Ass’n Breeders’ Cup Golf Tournament/Fundraiser Chowchilla, CA
09/30 Huffaker Angus Farms Cow Herd Dispersion Monticello, KY (at Russell County Stockyard, Russell Springs, KY)
09/30 McKellar Angus Female Sale Mount Pleasant, TX
10/01 Benfield Angus Farm Private Treaty Bred Female Offering Deerfield, VA
10/01 Blackstone Cattle Co. Mineral Point, WI
10/01 D&D Longview Angus Columbia, KY
10/01 Eastern Canadian Extravaganza Uxbridge, Ontario
10/01 JAC’s Ranch Bentonville, AR
10/01 Leachman of California Top Line Division Bull Sale Middletown, CA
10/01 Lindell Angus Female Sale Leonardville, KS
10/01 Louisiana Red River Angus Ass’n Sale at Red River Livestock Auction, Coushatta, LA
10/01 Michigan Angus Ass’n Sale at Omega Farms, Williamston, MI
10/01 Prime By Design Female Sale Hereford, TX
10/01 Proven Brands of Kansas Angus Female Sale Eureka, KS
10/01 Randy Sipe Angus Grass-Based Cow Herd Dispersion Claremont, NC
10/01 Sarrat Angus Gaffney, SC
10/02 Cal Poly Un. PT Bull Sale San Luis Obispo, CA
10/02 Triara Angus Melbourne, QC
10/02 World Class Angus Sale at Mindemann Farms, Sullivan, WI
10/03 Express Ranches Bull Sale Yukon, OK
10/03 TC Ranch Private Treaty Female Sale Franklin, NE
10/07 - 10/08 Cattlemen’s Boot Camp at The Ohio State Un., Columbus, OH
10/07 Greene County Angus Ass’n Sale at Greene County Fairgrounds, Greeneville, TN [evening]
10/07 Riverbend Ranches Idaho Falls, ID
This is an alphabetical listing of online sale catalogs posted to the Angus Productions Inc. (API) Web site breeder sale catalogs page.
Online Sale Catalogs:View searchable Angus Almanac.
Date Sale Location
09/07/11 Silveira Bros. Angus Firebaugh, CA
09/08/11 Black Gold Bull Sale Colusa, CA
09/09/11 Tehama Angus Ranch Gerber, CA
09/10/11 Day Cattle Company Marshfield, MO
09/10/11 Genetic Opportunity Sale Hillsboro, IN
09/10/11 Ray-Mar Ranches Escalon, CA
09/10/11 TL Ranch Monticello, MO
09/11/11 Green Oaks Farm West Liberty, KY
09/11/11 Wilson Cattle Co. Cloverdale, IN
09/12/11 Mid Valley Bull Sale Galt, CA
09/14/11 Bulls Eye Breeders Oakdale, CA
09/15/11 Dal Porto Livestock & Rancho Casino Denair, CA
09/16/11 Galaxy Beef LLC Graham, MO
09/16/11 Vintage Angus Ranch - Bull Sale La Grange, CA
09/17/11 Arellano Bravo Galt, GA
09/17/11 CowPower XXXIX Millbrook, NY
09/17/11 KCS Angus Ranch Kirksville, MO
09/17/11 Pine View Angus Colesburg, IA
09/17/11 Sinclair Cattle Company Warfordsburg, PA
09/18/11 The Heritage Bull Sale Wilton, CA
09/18/11 Trowbridge Angus Ghent, NY
09/22/11 Beef Solutions Bull Sale Ione, CA
09/23/11 Rendezvous at Rocking R Hayden, ID
09/24/11 Ayres Angus Stevensville, MT
09/24/11 BoBo Angus Farm Ardmore, AL
09/24/11 Boyd Beef Cattle and Guests Mays Lick, KY
09/24/11 Kirkes Black Angus Ranch Talihina, OK
09/24/11 Maplecrest Farms Hillsboro, OH
09/24/11 Sunset Ridge Cattle Co. Mascot, TN
09/25/11 Gohr Angus & Herefords Madras, OR
09/25/11 Sterling - Hunter Bath, MI
09/26/11 Gardiner Angus Ranch Ashland, KS
09/30/11 Huffaker Angus Farms, LLC Russell Springs, KY
10/01/11 Blackstone Cattle Company Mineral Point, WI
10/01/11 Louisiana Red River Bull Sale Coushatta, LA
10/01/11 Michigan Angus Association Williamston, MI
10/01/11 Prime by Design Sale Hereford, TX
10/01/11 Proven Brands of Kansas Sedgwick, KS
10/01/11 Sarratt Angus Farms Gaffney, SC
10/07/11 Riverbend Ranch Idaho Falls, ID
10/08/11 Buford Ranches Welch, OK
10/08/11 Evergreen Exclusive Kennewick, WA
10/09/11 Vintage Angus Ranch - Female Sale Modesto, CA
10/17/11 Champion Hill Bidwell, OH
Private Treaty Sales, Semen or Embryo Catalogs
  Ranch Sale Location
  Bridges Angus Farm LLC Lexington, GA
  Genex Cooperative, Inc. Beef Genetic Management Guide Shawano, WI
  ORIgen Huntley, MT
  ORIgen 2011 Sire Directory Huntley, MT
  Power+Plus Beef Genetics 2011 Sire Directory Hobart, OK
  Riverbend Ranch - 2011 Semen Directory Idaho Falls, ID
  Select Sires Angus Spring 2011 Plain City, OH
  Semex Beef Madison, WI
  TC Ranch Herd Sire Directory 2011 Franklin, NE
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Sale Results:

Sale results are Angus sales reported to our staff.
Event Name Ranch Location Event 
Patton Farms & Friends Crawfordsville, IN 9/3/11 88 215550 2449
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Angus Calendar Abbreviations

To make the Angus Calendar concise we have used the following abbreviations: associates, assoc.; association, ass’n; beef cattle improvement association, BCIA; beef cattle improvement program, BCIP; brothers, bros.; company, co.; international, int’l; junior, jr.; mountain, mtn.; national, nat’l; northeast, NE; northwest, NW; performance-tested, PT; senior, sr.; southeast, SE; southwest, SW; and university, Un.

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