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• Understanding how to use foam rollers and massage sticks

Shauna Ironside's maternity leave

• New fitness and conditioning classes

• Manual physiotherapy explained

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Wondering if you're using your foam roller or massage stick properly? Watch our videos to see how it's done.

There is a new field of research showing that the connective tissue that lies between our skin and our muscles has a large influence on our pain. This tissue is called fascia and it's what we work on when you come in for treatments. You might hear us use the term myofascial release which refers to the fascia of the muscles (myo).

With the right amount of pressure, using our hands, we can free up tight fascia which improves mobility and restores normal movement patterns. Think of how easy or difficult it feels to reach for your toes. Trying to stretch muscles restricted by tight fascia is like trying to do yoga wearing snow pants.  If you're looking to maximize the benefits of your treatments in our clinic or even stretch out the time between appointments, read on for these self-help tools and resources.

Using a foam roller, massage stick (Tiger Tail) or tennis ball is a very effective way to release tight fascia. We've created a series of videos showing you how to decrease pain and improve mobility in a matter of minutes. No fees, passwords or memberships required. Just visit our Patient Resources tab on our webpage click the link for Massage using Foam Roller, Tennis Ball and Stick (Videos).

To make life easier for you, we now sell foam rollers and massage sticks at our clinic. Ask us how to use these tools next time you're in the clinic and we'll show you what you need to know. You're probably thinking this is a good idea but might forget to ask the next time you're in our clinic - Email us here now and we'll do the remembering for you.

The more you become an active part of your home rehab plan, the faster you'll get back to the things you love!

Quick Notes

  • Marie Bonselaar (Registered Massage Therapist) will be taking a two month leave of absence as of December 10th, 2012.  She will return in February 2013. Michael Mah, RMT, will still be available to book appointments throughout this time.

  • Planning on travelling during the holiday season? Check out our great Travel Tips handout, prepared by David Witiluk, Certified Kinesiologist, for great advice on how to stay active during the holidays

  • Looking for a meaningful gift to give this year?  Give the gift of health! Ottawa Osteopathy & Sports Therapy offers gift certificates for Osteopathy, Athletic Therapy, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, and Strength & Conditioning. Gift certificates can be personalized, and can be arranged by email (or phone) for anyone out of town.

Shauna Ironside is heading for maternity leave.


We're excited to share with you the big news that Shauna is expecting a baby in January and will be taking some time off to be with her family.

If her baby cooperates, her last day at the clinic will be Friday, December 21st. As we wish her a smooth transition to motherhood, we want to assure you that our multi-disciplinary team is ready to support your continued care. We are also actively searching for an osteopathic manual practitioner to fill in during her leave.

If you are currently seeking treatment with Shauna, you can discuss an appropriate treatment plan that suits your needs. If you are a past patient who requires care in the new year, we encourage you to contact us to discuss seeing the most appropriate therapist for your health care needs. Our team of therapists includes two osteopathic manual practitioners (Richard Gregory and Christian Albrecht), a manual-practice physiotherapist (Sara Roy), and two massage therapists (Mike Mah and Marie Bonselaar).

Shauna expects to be on maternity leave until early September 2013. We'll keep you informed of her return date over the summer. She will be available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have during her leave via email at

All the best to Shauna during this fun and exciting time!

Expert advice on all things fitness!

Have a few more questions? Want to reach your health goals? Need to learn correct technique?

David Witiluk, M.Sc., CK has now developed a series of short and informative courses to help take the mystery out of getting the most out of your body. All courses are offered in small group settings (5-8 people).

Work out courses available include:

Warming Up for Winter Sports:
Learn how to best prepare your body for a run in the cold, ski in the park or ski down the slopes. Getting your body to perform in the warmth of the summer sun is very different from cold weather sports. This course will teach you exactly which areas of your body need special attention. Every body is different and your program should be tailored to your body. Take the time to learn about your health in a relaxed environment with a knowledgeable instructor.

Includes: Evaluation of individual flexibility, explanation and demonstration of dynamic warm up, technique coaching and re-assessment of flexibility after 3 weeks.

3 weeks total
1 session weekly (60 minutes)
$60 per person
Starts: Wednesday January 16th  |  5:30 - 6:30pm

Med Ball Workout:
Want to learn how to get a full body workout with just a med ball? Never done a med ball work out before? We'll walk you through it step by step. As with all courses, there is an individual assessment of flexibility and core stability. David will take you through a series of dynamic warm up drills, strengthening exercises for your upper body, lower body and core stability followed by a cool down session.

Includes: Evaluation of individual flexibility, explanation, demonstration and work outs with med ball and technique coaching.

3 weeks total
1 session weekly (60 minutes)
$60 per person
Starts: Friday January 11th  |  5:30 - 6:30pm

Foam Roller and Flexibility Coaching:
Learn how to properly use the foam roller and correct chronically tight areas of your body using stretches and tips that are tailored to you and your body.

2 weeks total
1 session weekly (60 minutes)
$50 per person
Starts: Monday January 14th  |  11:00am - 12:00pm

The ABC's of Running:
Our popular ABC's of Running course will make its return in March 2013.  Stay tuned to our Facebook page or check out our website for more details on the exact start date. 

All courses are offered in small group settings (5-8 people). If you prefer to learn in a one-on-one setting, just give us a call and we'll set you up with a private session.

For more information on these courses or to sign up, call David Witiluk at (613) 521-3222 or email him directly at

Think physiotherapy is the same no matter where you go? Think again.

Here's the inside scoop on the difference between manual therapy and machines.

Manual therapy involves the use of hands-on techniques to assess and treat painful, acute and chronic conditions. Physiotherapy clinics may also use Ultrasound machines (with light blue gel) or electric modalities like interferential current (2 or 4 pads providing small amounts of current to the skin).

While manual therapy involves assessing and treating the cause of the symptoms, many of the machines simply help to lower the perception of the symptoms you have. Manual physiotherapists take post-graduate courses which allow them to better understand what structures are affected even if you don't have an X-ray or MRI.

The greatest value in any given physiotherapy session is the time spent with your therapist. Whether they are manually working on you, educating you or teaching you specific exercises, this time is typically more effective than machines at eliminating pain. These manual therapy treatments are more specific to each individual and more effective at reducing pain long term.

Our clinic focuses on manual therapy treatments exclusively as our goal is to restore your body's optimal function in the safest and shortest time possible. This means you may spend less time in the clinic per visit and you won't work with a physio assistant.

Our physiotherapist, Sara Roy, B.Sc., PT has followed continuing education courses on the mechanical diagnosis of the neck and lower back and manual therapy courses for the upper and lower extremities (Canadian Physiotherapy Association) among many others. She has also worked with Cirque du Soleil artists, professional dance schools and people from all walks of life.

To read more about Sara's bio visit Our Staff on our webpage. To book an appointment in physiotherapy, call us at (613)521-3222 or email us here.
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