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History + bestseller = winner!
15 years of collaboration between Studio Job and by TextielMuseum crowned with new collection

At the beginning of this year, TextielMuseum commissioned Studio Job (Job Smeets, 1970 en Nynke Tynagel, 1977) to develop a new series of design products for by TextielMuseum. These new ‘design classics’ are a reflection on the history of the design duo and the endless possibilities of the TextielMuseum. The series features new icons with recognisable colourful and daring designs by Studio Job. With its graphic drawings the studio reduces shape and colour to strong outlines that can be perfectly translated into textiles.
Studio Job by TextielMuseum
 is a surprising new collection of six throws and nine tea towels featuring the iconic Studio Job patterns: 'Perished’, ‘Insects’ and ‘Folklore’.
Studio Job and the TextielMuseum have been collaborating since 2003. The Insects tea towel (2003) became an instant hit and has made its way into hundreds of thousands of homes over the last decade. This tea towel is one of the first by TextielMuseum products and is also included in the new series, however in different colour schemes. Apart from Insects, two new designs have been introduced to the product line: Perished, an intriguing pattern of dancing animal carcasses and Folklore, an ode to craftsmanship with folkloristic elements. 
'To celebrate our 15 years of collaboration we have created a new range of products produced by the TextielMuseum. The woven textiles are based on our iconic prints; Perished (2006), Folklore (2009) and Insects (2002).' 
- Studio Job

The only creepy crawlies that deserve pride of place in every interior. The humorous cartoonish drawings by Studio Job make Insects a striking design classic. The ostensibly innocent images often conceal deeper layers, in this case the idea of transience. 

An intriguing pattern of dancing animal carcasses. The cartoon-like, graphic bones of turtles, birds and crocodiles refer to superstitious fears, the contrast between life and death and to the excessive, sometimes violent moments that are part of our society. 

Smoked sausages, horseshoes, milk jugs, buckets and cooking pots; nothing is as pretty as the combination of folklore and design. This Studio Job design is an ode to craftsmanship and highlights the return to rural and folkloristic elements in design and society. 

The new series will be shown during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, as part of the TextielMuseum presentation. Unlike other years, the museum will present itself at de Kazerne.

The photos of the new collection, shot by photographer Loek Blonk, also give an exclusive preview of the brand new 'Studio Job HQ' in Antwerp. All high resolution images can be found through this download link.

by TextielMuseum
The rich collection of the TextielMuseum and the craftsmanship of the TextielLab are powerfully combined in by TextielMuseum. The label presents an exclusive range of household textiles designed by top designers and produced at the TextielLab. The museum collection, encompassing more than a century of art and design heritage, is an important source of inspiration. In the TextielLab, modern techniques are used to translate the designer’s story into beautiful, distinctive products.


Studio Job

Soulmates Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel founded Studio Job in 2000. The studio is now world renowned for it's charactaristic designs. It produces unique furniture and interior objects for collectors, companies and musea and have their own exposition space in Antwerp. They have become contemporary cultural pioneers who are slowly revolutionizing common preconceptions about the distinct realms of art and design. The symbolism and iconography that Studio Job creates is heraldic and regal even in its pop cartoonish imagery. As sleek as the work can be, it is also instinctual and almost primal. Job Smeets likes to call their style ‘New Gothic’ as evidenced by the perfectionism and uniqueness that have become one of the studio’s defining features.

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Photos portret Studio Job: Loek Blonk
Photos process/machines: Josefina Eikenaar
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