I have some exciting news for our first update of the year. We’re now legally incorporated as a non-profit entity called the Mountain Valley Express Collective Society. This positions us well to organize and advance our mission and vision.

Thanks to those who have completed our mailing list subscriber survey. If you haven’t yet, you can still do so here.

The MVX Collective is based on a number of core principles as laid out in our Bylaws:

  • A belief in implementing high speed passenger rail within the South Coast of British Columbia for the betterment of all stakeholders.

  • The goal of building an information and fact-based communications campaign to educate all British Columbians on the importance of having economical, efficient rapid transit within the South Coast of British Columbia.

  • The goal of developing a like minded network of individuals and organizations to help with a growing public information and advocacy campaign.

  • The importance of remaining non-partisan in regards to political affiliation.

  • The importance of not entering into any commercial agreements with any commercial entities.

  • The Society will operate in a manner accountable and responsive to its directors.

I’ll also be introducing the option to join as an official member of the Society. Joining as a member entitles you to attend meetings, and elect directors to serve on the board. A nominal annual membership fee of $10 applies. I’ll have more information about how you can join in a subsequent update. If you acknowledge the Society’s principles, you can be a member subject to board approval.

Welcome aboard,


On behalf of the MVX Collective Board

Board of Directors

Bert Chen
Infrastructure Developer

Bert is a professional developer of infrastructure and renewable energy projects with Canadian and global experience. He specializes in project finance and permitting/regulatory approval. Bert has an MBA in Finance and is a certified Project Management Professional that he wants to bring to MVX to make high-speed passenger rail a reality on the South Coast.

Alex Gaio
PhD Candidate

Alex is a PhD candidate researching the future of urban mobility. He is an advocate for transportation choice and is interested in how urban planning can address challenges related to transportation, sustainability, and public health. He has worked on Calgary’s Green Line LRT, Auckland’s new transport network, and in a consultant capacity in Canada, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

Nathan Pachal
Langley City Councillor

Nathan was first elected to Langley City Council in 2016 and is currently serving his second term. He is a long-time advocate for creating sustainable and accessible communities.

He authored a report on the Agricultural Land Reserve entitled “Decade of Exclusions? A Snapshot of the Agricultural Land Reserve from 2000-2009 in the South of Fraser.”

He co-authored a report —“Leap Ahead: A transit plan for Metro Vancouver”— to bring awareness to the importance of accessible transit networks.

Michael Pratt
Master’s Student

Michael is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Urban Studies with a focus on transportation links between urban and rural settings. With a Bachelor of Commerce and experience in the private sector, he hopes to help build the case for high-speed rail and the enormous benefits it would bring.

Having been active in urban issues both before and since he ran for Township of Langley Council in 2018, he looks forward to making discussion on MVX an every-day reality for people across the region.