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By now 2016 is well under way and we wish you all a year filled with natural beauty and deep connection. Last year was a very busy one for AnimalSpirit with many workshops and events in many locations including Australia, Switzerland, South Africa, Botswana, Scotland and the UK. This year I’ll be taking a complete break from international travel, to work on several long-outstanding and worthwhile projects. The end result will be distance learning materials, a book and few other inspiring tidbits which we can’t reveal yet. Meantime there will be the occasional online seminar in the second half of the year, which you’ll hear about via our newsletters (we don’t keep a waiting list to be fair to the first-come, first-served principle.) Thanks to all who are reading this for your ongoing interest in interspecies communication! If you want to further your exploration I can highly recommend Penelope Smith’s material mentioned a little further down. 

Loving the Natural World

Looking and seeing are not the same thing. Helen Keller – deaf and blind since before her second birthday – knew that very well. Her assertion that “Nature sings her most exquisite songs to those who love her” is a beautiful truth. I was contemplating this afresh whilst giving a dragonfly a back tickle a few days ago. This is not a pet or habituated insect, I must add! Rather a free and wild being unknown to me who graced me with their company for some minutes of pure connection. Struck by the presence of the shining soul outside my study, I slowly slipped outside and sat down gently at a distance I felt was comfortably far enough away from their body, so as not to overwhelm them with my relatively gargantuan self.


Bringing myself present, I was in genuine wonder at his or her physical characteristics – but without sending my energy outwards in a sharp spike of cognitive curiosity that would have been an arrow of disturbance. Instead I stayed in my heart, simply opening to the experience of shared space. After a while of peaceful no-thought, my hand spontaneously stretched out towards the dragonfly and hovered close to the gossamer-thin wings. At which point I became aware that the insect was wondering what my skin felt like to the touch. Again, aware that my human clumsiness might inadvertently harm this delicate body, I reached towards his or her back and softly made physical contact. What followed was a timeless space of a few minutes of mutual sharing, the dragonfly leaning in to feel me more solidly as I softly tickled their back. In those sacred moments we exchanged so much! We learned what it’s like to be the other species. We met at the frequency of unconditional love. We felt mutual understanding, awe and enjoyment. We knew each other.

So much human appreciation for the more-than-human world is based on aesthetics. Our human ideas of what is beautiful. Mostly based on our visual sense at that. Perhaps smell through the scent of flowers, touch or hearing, or taste when we appreciate life forms that become our food, for example. Yet all of these appreciations are based on what we get out of the experience; what sensory pleasure we receive. 
Oh, but we love to give love as well, don’t we? Unfortunately much of our love directed at the non-human kingdoms is a very human form of love involving emotion, attachment and other pitfalls. We feel “at” our dog or cat, garden bird or precious tree. We send a stream of emotional energy in their direction. Sometimes we expect reciprocation, or at least some kind of response that makes us feel good about ourselves.

If we truly want to know another and appreciate them for who they are, we may need to change our ideas of what loving looks like. I invite you to consider what your expressions of love are towards animals in your lives – particularly your own pets. What behaviours do you equate with “loving”? Can you give and receive love independent of behaviour or physical signs of affection? Can you simply be (in a state of) love? The depth and breadth of connection available from that space is infinite. Enjoy every moment of it!

The Intention Experiment

Imagine being part of the largest mind over matter experiment in history. Thousands of volunteers from around the world have done just that by joining a series of controlled experiments to test the power of intention, with some amazing results!

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Species Link

Penelope Smith's Species Link is a journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication; an online forum where you can read true stories, share inspiring experiences and learn as much as you can about communicating with animals.

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~ how your donations have helped animals

Recent donations to AnimalSpirit allowed Anna to spend a couple of days assisting an ailing Orca (from shore) in South Africa. The distressed animal had already beached once and successfully returned to the ocean with the help of sea rescue and other volunteers. She stayed close to the rocky shore in the days that followed, and gave clear communication about her physical state and separation from the pod. She was weak and unable to eat properly. Two days later she ended her own life on remote rocks close to dawn. A preliminary post-mortem onsite confirmed some issues received through telepathic communication, including malnourishment. The handful of people who were guided to give her telepathic support in situ helped her feel supported emotionally and held in an honouring manner during her last hours of life.

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