Participating in the Circle of Life

The beautiful thing about a circle is that it has no end and no beginning. Becoming present to the momentary here-and-now is a gift that animals and plants often bestow upon us distracted humans. What a little birdie told me recently was a sweet reminder of this. I was brushing one of my cat companions outdoors and the fluff wafted off a short distance in the light breeze. Within minutes a small bird swooped down, picked up a ball of cat fur in her beak and then perched on a nearby branch, puffing and primping and looking mightily pleased with her scoop. Clearly she was planning on using this as warm nesting material. I noticed how she rubbed and rolled the fluff against the bare branch until its shape and overall size had changed. Then she flew to her nearby nest and began her interior decorating task.
It occurred to me to ask her in what size and density she’d prefer the fur to be “dispensed” to lessen the post-production effort required on her part. Her telepathic answer was translated by my brain into mental images – of an oblong shape of flattened fluff rather than puffy. She showed me that she used it to line the nest and still needed to put more twigs and grasses on top. So the next day I made sure to fashion the cat’s fur into the specified dimensions. Then I placed a few samples carefully atop some tall ferns and in the cleft of tree branches so that she didn’t have to risk coming down to ground level with all its predatory dangers on her supply run. With delight I watched her return to gather the offerings and continue her creative construction. 

Most of us have a rather conceptual attitude towards recycling and do our bit to reduce waste and lessen our environmental impact. Still we have little or no idea how – or even if – our discarded “stuff” is useful elsewhere. At best we vaguely hope that someone else is taking care of that side of things. How different would it be to directly relate to our immediate surroundings and notice what’s needed there. Meaning “here”.      

As the ultimate expression of giving back, when our physical bodies die the remnants eventually cycle back into the soil to become food for plants and other creatures. But why wait until then to put ourselves directly in the flow of Life in its perpetual and perfect motion? Intrinsically aware of their part in the whole, non-humans simply emanate their truths. When we humans can bring our awareness to our surroundings, we join the party of presence. That’s where our empathy can extend to knowing another’s needs. Where our care can extend to doing something about those needs, or simply being in witness and in connection. Generally we end up receiving so much more than we give – unless of course our giving is motivated by wanting to receive or prove something to ourselves or another. 

Actively participating in the circle of life is a dance worthy of our deepest and freest selves let loose unto the moment. Life in all its fabulous forms will rise up to meet your awareness and availability. En-Joy!

Walking The Talk

a student's perspective

I’ve just had the clearest and most incredible communication with my horse, Jynx. It's hard to describe because it doesn't feel real. It's like I entered another world and I'm still trying to convince myself that it actually happened. I feel so blessed that he decided to communicate with me in such a special way. I arrived at the stables at about 5pm and took him outside to the paddock. I tried playing and lunging with him but he seemed uninterested and wasn't focused on the treats at all; he wasn't eating them when I placed them under his mouth. I decided to give him a massage instead and spent about half an hour massaging all over his body while he let out long breaths and lowered his head. He walked away from me and I followed to massage in a different place because I thought that's what he wanted, but he walked away again. So I sat down, not too far from him on the sand, and started to do what I guess you could call an attempt at meditating? 

I was mostly thinking about him and struggling to contain how much love I had for him without getting emotional. I feel like sometimes my strong emotions may be too much for him, so I try to lessen their strength. I started thinking and asking him if he would turn around and come to me. At first I started thinking that if he did it I would give him treats, but then I thought that wasn't what he wanted. So I admitted that there was nothing I could offer him and it was completely his choice. 

After maybe 5 minutes of me imagining him turning his head towards me, Jynx did exactly, completely, what I had imagined him doing in my head! He first turned his neck towards me and then his body. He walked over to me and then past me in a circle and stood with his back towards me a little bit away from me again. I must say it was a struggle controlling my emotions, but I felt like they were a bit overpowering for him. He stood with his ears forward, shifting his weight and looking at the mountain. I decided to lie down further. I started imagining him lying down with me. He's done it before but never with me, always away from me and only to roll. One of the dogs at the place came to me and gave me licks and then walked away. I still kept thinking of Jynx walking to me and lying down. I kept my breathing calm and gentle. He walked towards me and I was careful not to change anything about myself, my thoughts or my body. 

Then Jynx came down right next to me, exactly where I'd imagined him lying down. I was nearly in tears. I promised to respect his space and asked him to tell me if he was okay with me moving forward by turning his head and looking at me, which he did. Then I moved towards him, within touching distance, but I made sure not to touch him - just to be with him. It was the most spiritual experience I may ever have. I could feel his love and acceptance. I have never had such clear communication with any other being like that before. 

After a while he stood up and over me, as if he was protecting me. I stood up too because I thought he wanted to leave the arena but he stayed, so I sat down again. He walked right over me and stood looking over my head, in such a protective stance. Then he moved his head towards me and touched my leg; I in turn touched his face and found that he was eager for treats again. So I gave him all the treats I had on me. I then stood up and he followed me out of the arena and back to the stables.

-    Solara Wing, Cape Town
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"Where Is Biggles?"

Wynter Worsthorne, animal communicator and colleague of Anna's, offers an essential guide book to help any animal lover to know what to do if their beloved animal companion went missing. Where Is Biggles will not only teach you the skills of consciously connecting with your animal friend, it will also assist you in being prepared should a situation of this nature occur. See HERE to order and enjoy the book. 

Involve Your Children

Get your kids involved with helping the animals by educating them, helping them to raise money for a cause and/or volunteering at their local animal shelter. These are just a few ideas to encourage awareness. Children have an instinctive "heart" for animals and a willingness to help. See HERE for more ideas.


Anna will be focusing her upcoming pro-bono work on helping legitimate wild cat rehabilitation programmes and lifetime care sanctuaries; specifically South Africa's Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary (also home to the beautiful black leopard, Spirit) as well as AfriCat in Namibia. Owing to behavioural, emotional and sometimes physical conditions, it's always a challenge to manage their wellbeing in a captive situation. They are still genetically wild and untameable, finding themselves in these facilities by force of circumstance. Through telepathic animal communication the needs and wants of these animals can be heard and passed on to the human curators. The animals can also have explained to them (telepathically) the various aspects of their lifestyles, which can help ease their stress and make for happier adjustments. All donations from this newsletter edition will provide Anna with the means to assist these big cats, offering them the opportunity for the best outcomes possible.  

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