Art In Soup
Outpouring, by Jennifer Perlmutter
Outpouring, 48h x 67w
The painting above, Outpouring, is a prime example of throwing everything into the mix and then distilling it down to the true essence of what is meant. This process of editing happens in all creative endeavors, including making homemade soup. Art and soupmaking are full of commonalities and both are in full swing this October. No recipe required. 
Commissions and home visits continue to inspire and provide a great way to discover the perfect painting for you or just learn more about how an artist works. Host a few of your friends for a night of art and wine and receive a special gift in return.  Here is what some of my collectors are saying:

..."I can't begin to describe the joy you have added to my life. I think it was meant to be that you came to my new home... you not only brought your incredible warmth and compassion, but two pieces of art that will speak to me each morning as I wake up and see them glowing on my wall." Kathy Hallock

"...the paintings you brought to our home, are peaceful and soulful. They remind us to connect with beauty and spirit, to be still and celebrate life. Maureen Daniel Fura

"I really enjoy your work. It goes beyond words and hits the inner most part of my being... You are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing what you have been given to the rest of us." Susan Hart
Contact me here to host your own gathering or inquire.

Special thank you to those who attended the show at Cero Space in Los Angeles last month. I am extremely grateful for the network of friends along with new and returning collectors that continue to support my art. This story HERE describes a fun and memorable moment over the weekend. No need to leave the kids out of the conversation, they have plenty to say.

If you did not get a chance to come to the show, Artwalk at the Brewery is happening next weekend, visit Cero Space and all the studios.  
Go here for details

If you are part of an organization that would benefit from a talk about how to 
Begin Where You Are and create from the inside out,  contact me

Enjoy the change of seasons. Make Soup!


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Studio visits are encouraged. Call or  email me here323-449-2916, 2501 8th St. Berkeley, CA. In LA, visit Cero Space at the historical downtown Brewery Art Complex.
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