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"From the bottom of my heart,      

a great big THANK YOU for everything, Jocelyne!"      

                                                                                                                                                                                André Laliberté,
                                                                                                                                              Artistic Director and General Manager   


Jocelyne Losier_image
Photo: Théâtre de l’Œil

Jocelyne Losier hangs up her apron

Over the past 29 years, Jocelyne Losier devoted her energy and expertise to successfully touring Théâtre de l’Œil shows across Québec, Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia. Thanks to her participation in many performing arts markets, she developed friendly ties and professional relationships around the world (in addition to expanding her personal hat and apron collection!). She supervised every detail, from technical riders to ATA Carnets, visas and suitcases, administrative red tape and the team’s little boo-boos. Not to mention airline connections and souvenirs for the “people back at the office”.

You could even say that Jocelyne took a little puppet theatre and turned it into an internationally renowned company. André Laliberté gratefully acknowledges her contribution in these few words:

“Dear Jocelyne,

“I’m fully aware that you don’t want any fuss or formal congratulations, but I would be remiss not to point out, as you retire from the company, how important your contribution has been to the history of our theatre company over the past 29 years.

“I still remember when you first arrived: As discrete as a mouse, you quietly built your nest. Over the years, you mastered the world of children’s theatre and learned all the ins and outs of the challenging job of marketing our art. You supported our company’s artistic evolution by doing your very best to promote our work in its most favourable light. What would a theatre be without an audience?

“You also learned to adopt and adapt new tools. The advent of computers certainly wasn’t a piece of cake for you! Then came the Internet – which no longer holds any secrets for you –that helped us reach a wider audience.

“In other circles, they slip brown envelopes under the table. You chose, however, to generously offer home-baked cookies. Not because you were looking for special favours, but simply through pure kindness and an eagerness to share life’s pleasures. Something we all hope you will continue to do… From the bottom of my heart, a great big THANK YOU for everything, Jocelyne!”

We would also like to take this opportunity to say farewell to Julie Laviolette, who served as Théâtre de l’Œil Communications Coordinator for close to 14 years. We wish her every success in her career.

Changing of the guard

Anne-Valérie Côté holds a BA in Communications and Politics (UQAM) and an Analysis of Organizational Processes certificate (HEC). She has a solid tour management track record, having worked as a project manager, tour coordinator and agent in the performing arts sector for the past 10 years. Planning, schedule management and budget monitoring no longer hold any secrets for her! Her fall is already shaping up to be quite busy: In October, Anne-Valérie will be at ROSEQ, the Réseau des organisateurs de spectacles de l’Est du Québec in Rimouski, and at the Shanghai Performing Arts Fair (SPAF). Then she moves on to CINARS and the Festival Les Coups de Théâtre in Montréal in November.

Mélissa Basora joined the Théâtre de l’Œil team in January 2016 as an administrative assistant. After earning a Bachelor of Arts, Political Science and Anthropology from McGill University, Melissa worked in the field of dance and on various cultural portfolios in different Montréal boroughs. She has developed cultural mediation and audience development skills and has contributed to the planning of several of the City’s cultural projects and events in public places, including Montréal’s Public Pianos program.

Théâtre de l’Œil wishes them a warm welcome to the team.

Photo: Théâtre de l’Œil


Twice in New York City and twice in China

For the second time in its long and illustrious career, Le Porteur / The Star Keeper was presented in April at New York City’s New Victory Theater, where it was performed 11 times. Graham Soul, one of the show’s puppeteer’s since day one, injured his ankle, so Anne Lalancette stepped in at the last minute to pinch-hit for the sidelined artist. Loyal puppeteers Jean Cummings, Stéphane Heine and Myriame Larose were once again on board for the performances while Julie Brosseau-Doré, a long-time Théâtre de l’Œil contributor, tried her hand for the first time as The Star Keeper’s stage manager and Anne-Valérie managed the tour. A new boost of energy as The Star Keeper looks forward to celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2017!

This summer, The Star Keeper heads for China, taking the stage at the Children’s Arts Theatre in Shanghai and the Guangzhou Opera House in Guangzhou. The show will also be performed at the Tianqiao Performing Arts Center in Beijing, which opened in November 2015. Théâtre de l’Œil will be the first Québec children’s theatre to perform there. A total of 14 performances have been scheduled.

And let’s not forget that The Star Keeper has already been performed in Hong Kong and that another Théâtre de l’Œil production, Sur 3 Pattes / 3-Legged Tale, reached out to audiences in mainland China in 2014. These tours are the result of many years of legwork during CINARS missions and performing arts markets. And it’s worth noting that even though it is commonplace practice for most companies to work with a local agent, Théâtre de l’Œil tours are entirely organized and managed by the company.

Théâtre de l’Œil and China go back a long way. In 1983, André Laliberté and his team were among the first Canadian theatre companies to tour with the show Regarde pour voir / Look and See. They performed in Beijing, Nanjing and Shanghai. And the adventure continues with The Star Keeper!

The touring of the show The Star Keeper has been made possible thanks to the financial support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du
Québec (CALQ) and The Canada Council for the Arts (CCA).

Babel on tour

To the delight of young and old alike, Le jardin de Babel, Marie-Louise Gay’s play that premiered in 1999, was back on stage at Montréal’s Maison Théâtre in October 2014 before going on a 39-performance tour with stops in Conseil des arts de Montréal network venues, Gatineau, Mont-Laurier, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and, to top it off, at the Festival Petits bonheurs in Laval, Montréal and Longueuil. Théâtre de l’Œil extends a heartfelt thank you to puppeteers Anne Brulotte-Légaré, Eloi Cousineau, Estelle Richard and Pierre-Louis Renaud, the artists that brought the little gardener and his friends to life.

The exhibition recounting the creative process behind Le jardin de Babel was presented along with the show at the Théâtre Outremont, the maison de la culture Mercier and the Maison des arts de Laval.

The touring of the show Le jardin de Babel has been made possible thanks to the financial support of the Conseil des arts de Montréal.

Le cœur en hiver on tour this fall
Théâtre de l’Œil’s latest production, Le cœur en hiver, was a resounding success for its first year on the road. The show is based on one of Anderson’s tales, revisited by Étienne Lepage and directed by Catherine Vidal. Catherine is featured on the cover of the theatre magazine Jeu and the article includes a picture of the show.

After three preview performances at Théâtre Hector-Charland in l’Assomption in October 2015, Le cœur en hiver premiered in Beloeil at L’Arrière Scène before taking the stage at Montréal’s Maison Théâtre. During the holiday season, the show was presented at Théâtre Les Gros Becs in Québec City. Le cœur en hiver then topped off its first tour at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. Gerda and Kay’s story garnered warm reviews, and was greeted by enthusiastic audiences.

During the 2016–2017 season, Le cœur en hiver will be presented in Shawinigan, Montréal, Gatineau, Terrebonne, Sherbrooke, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Sorel and Trois-Rivières. Maureen Labonté is currently working on an English translation in anticipation of a tour in Western Canada …

“This puppet theatre adaptation of Anderson’s Snow Queen is splendid, thanks to the combination of Théâtre de l’Œil’s experience and young stage director Catherine Vidal’s ingenuity. Étienne Lepage’s playful and modern take on the tale completes this winning trio. The resulting show is insightful, sometimes dark, yet always entertaining. This is high-quality youth theatre.”

Josée Lapointe, La Presse, November 14, 2015

The touring of the show Le cœur en hiver has been made possible thanks to the financial support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du
Québec (CALQ).


Théâtre de l'Œil's team wishes you a great summer season!

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The Star Keeper 
Richard Lacroix, André Laliberté, Richard Morin Stage Direction: André Laliberté Puppet Design: Richard Morin Set and Prop Design: Richard Lacroix Music: Libert Subirana Lighting: Luc Désilets

Le jardin de Babel
Script, Puppet et Set Design: Marie-Louise Gay Stage Direction: André Laliberté Scenography Consultant: Richard Lacroix Music: Libert Subirana Lighting: Gilles Perron

Le cœur en hiver
Script: Étienne Lepage Stage Direction: Catherine Vidal Artistic Consultant: André Laliberté Puppet and Set Design: Richard Lacroix Sound  Design: Francis Rossignol Lighting:
 Alexandre Pilon-Guay
Text: Michelle Chanonat   Translation: Denise Babin  Page Layout & coordination: Mélissa Basora 
Template: Julien Berthier


Théâtre de l'Œil acknowledges the financial support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, The Canada Council for the Arts and the Conseil des arts de Montréal.

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Montreal (Quebec) Canada

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