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Hello again!

I'm Craig Silverman and this is the first version of a restarted newsletter about online rumors, fake news, and misinformation.

If you're wondering why you're receiving it, here's a bit of background: You signed up to receive the newsletter from, my rumor-tracking website. It's been dormant since March 2015. That's also the last time I sent this newsletter. 

I'm now covering fake news and online misinformation as the media editor for BuzzFeed News. This newsletter will be a quick digital briefing on those topics.

I will only email you when there's something to talk about. Also note that this is my personal list — I will not sell or share your info. Sound good? Read the first edition below. You can unsubscribe anytime at the the bottom of this email.

Germany Is The Next Fake News Hotspot

Germans go to the polls in a federal election later this year. The country's political and security establishments want to make sure they don't see fake news explode like it did during the US election. Some stories to get you up to speed: My Analysis on Facebook and Germany: Facebook's anti-fake news expansion to Germany happened really quickly, and without everything in place. The company announced it today — a Sunday — and the associated features are not yet active. That could take a few weeks. Also, the fact-checking partner for Facebook in Germany is not yet a signatory of the International Fact-Checker Network's code of principles, though that will change soon. 

Facebook is feeling the heat from German lawmakers and wanted to show it's ready to take action. Also, the court hearing for the aforementioned refugee's inunction against Facebook will happen in just a few weeks, and this initiative is something you can expect the company to point to.

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