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Welcome to the December 2013 edition of the
Back Fit Newsletter!

Hello Everyone

Happy Christmas and a super fun and fit New Year to you all

I am very pleased to report that the party raised a further £355 for Demelza and I am very grateful to everyone who came and to the wonderful band who insisted on donating their fee as well.

This is to let you know that I am discontinuing the Newsletters now as I need to concentrate on my Osteopathy course and essay writing!
My clinic will still be open on Mondays and Saturdays with the fee staying at £40/hour. I will also be looking for people to practice my new skills on and of course the practice sessions will be free of charge (still plenty of benefits though!)

If you would like to book you can contact me on 07748 988851, phone or text is best for me.

And finally...

A huge "Thank You" to everyone who has attended my clinic or classes over the last 7 years.
Much love and energy to you all and may this be the start of a life well lived and superbly enjoyed.

Liz xxx
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