Update 06 from Tokyo

April 1st

Hello every one - two weeks to go!

The news does not get better from Japan. The country's spirit is really wounded. Japanese do not wear their emotions on their sleeves so it is not visible on the surface, but deep down there is a real sadness brewing. With this in mind we are pleased to say the momentum for Inspire Japan is really really strong, thank you all so much - we hope to have some very big news to announce after the weekend. This has all the potential to go massively viral - please don't let your PechaKucha City miss out...

We have set up a special section for all organizers on the Global PechaKucha Day - Inspire Japan mini-site that includes all the material (including the Inspire Japan logos) that we have to share - it's also where we'll be adding other tools in the coming days, including banner ads, instructions on how to send in presentations, and more.

Just head here: http://global-day.pecha-kucha.org/organizer/

And use the following login info:

ID: cityorganizer
PSWD: city20

Deadlines are no fun, but because we are rushing to finalize things so we can concentrate on ironing out all the other details (like the streaming), we'd ask that you to let us know by Monday (April 4) if you will be participating in the event (or not), whether it's with a regular PKN, a small home party, or by sending a greeting video or a special presentation. 

Either way, we'd just like to make sure you know about the event and what you will be doing. Also, if you will be contributing a presentation (and the instructions on how to do that will be up on that special organizer's section), please try and send all the files to us by next Friday (April 8). And again, thank you all for the AMAZING response we've been getting, and let's continue to make this an event to remember!

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