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Dear PechaKucha supporters around the world,

Tokyo calling! We pressed 'send' bang on midnight here at PK HQ in Japan. Happy New Year to you all!

Whether city organiser, presenter, attendee or people watching the PechaKucha presentations online -- and there were over a million of you -- we just want to take a moment to thank you for all your support in 2011.

Without your support, creativity, positivity and passion the PechaKucha global network would not exist. We wanted to look back and highlight 20 moments that helped make 2011 another wonderful year for PechaKucha.

01 - Cities

PechaKucha grew by 90 cities from 373 on January 1st, 2011 to an amazing 463 cities today, January 1st, 2012! Check the global map here:

02 - Events

There were just under 1000 official PechaKucha Nights in 2011, in fact 996 to be exact, breaking last year’s record! That means that there have been over 10,000 presentations, and it's probably fair to say that around 200,000 people or more attended these events.

03 - New Cities

PechaKucha Nights are tough to get off the ground in any city but we really want to take our hats off to PechaKucha Kabul. It took several attempts due to the volatile situation in the city, but their resolve should be a lesson to us all.

04 - March 11

As events unfolded in Japan, your instant concern for us at PK HQ in Tokyo and everyone in Japan was humbling and something we will always remember. Thank you. Your efforts to Inspire Japan were totally inspiring. Projects are taking shape and you can follow progress on our Inspire Japan mini-site. There is so much work to do and report on, and we will be keeping our Inspire Japan platform open, so watch out for updates and ways you can become involved.

05 - A PechaKucha Global WAVE

PechaKucha Inspire Japan took place on April 16th, and over 100 cities took part on the day. Many cities streamed their events live and we generated a wave of overlapping PechaKucha Nights which started in Tokyo and Christchurch and ended 18 hours later in Quito, Equador.

06 - Inspiring Cities

So many cities did so many things, and we raised close to $95,000. PechaKucha Marseille was no exception. Their all day event attracted over 900 attendees which resulted in a very generous donation to Inspire Japan for Architecture for Humanity. This great video gives you a flavor of the day:

07 - PechaKucha Venues

PechaKucha has been held in some remarkable places, including jails, churches, football arenas, disused power stations, warm sandy beaches, and chilled beer cellars. But one of the most spectacular settings this year was at PechaKucha Catania (pictured at the top). Truly magical.

08 - PechaKucha Presentations

Over 1,000,000 PechaKucha presentations have been viewed on our site. We will be launching a YouTube Channel in the new year making the presentations easier to view and share. "What if anything is Big Bird" by Mike Dickison at PechaKucha Christchurch remains our most viewed.

09 - PechaKucha Posters

PechaKucha Night event posters have become an art form in themselves, some cities even have a waiting list to design them. This incredible video from PechaKucha Edmonton shows the energy and PechaKucha passion that goes into their posters.

We hope one day to publish printed annuals of all the posters, or at least one from each city. Get in touch if this is something you would like to get behind or even better still, can introduce a global sponsor!

10 - PechaKucha Videos

From posters to videos. Some cities make amazing video teasers. This one for PechaKucha Tel Aviv help sell out a capacity crowd of 4,000. Our biggest night this year.

11 - Opening Credits

From Teasers to opening credits. PechaKucha Nights get more sophisticated by the minute! PechaKucha Coimbra created a terrific opening title sequence for their PechaKucha Night in November.

12 - Building a School for Haiti

Our first PechaKucha Global Day for Haiti which was held, like Inspire Japan, at only 3 weeks notice, raised $100,000 for Architecture for Humanity. Their work really went into high gear this year, and we are extremely proud to announce that the school, École La Dignité, that PechaKucha funded along with the Stiller Foundation, opened on November 7th this year. Thank you everyone who supported PechaKucha for Haiti and a massive thank you to Cameron Sinclair and his team for making the school a reality.

13 - City Partnerships - Swedish Police

Police! PechaKucha Night is a key event in 100's of cities now, but many cities are going beyond just the Night series bringing PechaKucha deeper into the community as a fun show and tell tool for everyone. Jesper Larsson, PechaKucha ambassador in Gothenburg set up a great workshop with the Swedish Police.

We are also really proud that initiatives like this helped Jesper become Communicator of the Year in Gothenburg! Nice trophy Jesper!

14 - PechaKucha Day

City partnerships have become even more official with the Mayor of Providence designating March 30 as “PechaKucha Day” in the city! Check out the Proclamation here:

15 - Company Partnerships

Earlier in the year we partnered with Heinenken to find new talent from the PechaKucha global network to design a club space for this year’s Milan Design Week (Milano Salone). Four special PechaKucha Nights were organized in Sao Paulo, New York, Tokyo and Milan to scout for designers. 20 designers have been invited to participate and will be winging there way to Milan in April!

The project:

The designers:

Watch for new partnerships which look to harnesses the global creativity of the PechaKucha Network.

16 - Global Cities Week

Following our Global Days for Haiti and Japan, we found that the global PechaKucha community really liked getting together. So this year PechaKucha Global will be a little more planned and will take place over a week, between February 20th and 26th. The theme is cities, your city! We hope that as many cities as possible can take part. Look out for updates in the coming weeks!

17 - In the News

PechaKucha makes the news in many cities. Sometimes websites, sometimes newspapers, sometimes TV. Here is a great clip from PechaKucha Panama when their event, attended by over 700 people, was featured on Venezuela's Channel 2 News:

18 - Suits you!

PechaKucha Chicago's city organiser Peter Exley found himself on stage recently, being interviewed for the Chicago Tribune’s Chicago Live! For those who don't know Peter, his suits normally proceed him - as in this clip! If you are ever cornered and asked what is PechaKucha, this is a model answer:

19 - Can you say PechaKucha?

PechaKucha Des Moines trying their luck:

If you are still having trouble this may help:

20 - Happy New Year

Everyone at PechaKucha HQ in Tokyo wishes you all a fantastic new year filled with creativity and PechaKucha spirit. We look forward to another year of amazing presentations!

Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham
PechaKucha Founders

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