Firefly is turning 20 on Nov 3 and we invite you to join us.

Do you recognize this person?  If so, join us for our 20th birthday on Nov 2.

Greetings friends, fans and family.  We are pleased to announce that by overwhelming demand, we are bringing back our ever popular "Firefly Fried Chicken of Your Dreams" for an extended run.  So those of you who have been otherwise engaged on Tuesdays (our regular Fried Chicken night), yet tortured by knowing that somewhere a biscuit or corn bread was beckoning, may now come in any night of the week to dig into crispy, succulent free range goodness.  And if you haven't yet sampled Chef Gabriel's newest seasonal menu, there will also be plenty of non poultry pleasures awaiting you.

A reminder to our gluten free friends out there...
This fried chicken is for you too!!

You can reserve any time through our website at, or by phone after 2pm daily at 415-821-7652. 

We Care About Your Bodies and Our World So All of Our Seafood is Sustainable And All of Our Meat is Hormone and Antibiotic Free.
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