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Hello everyone,

Spring feels like it is nearly here. Daffodils are starting to come out, and people are beginning to talk about spring planting.

It’s been a busy couple of months so my last newsletter was quite a while ago. There have been many things happening in that time.
I have recently updated my newsletter email list so my apologies if you had already unsubscribed from this list.

Redcliffs Community Shed

The Redcliffs Community Shed’s repairs are well and truly heading towards completion under the supervision of Reg Dalley, our shed coordinator. An enthusiastic group of people are making great headway and it looks like it will be able to open in the not too distant future. The arts and crafts area is just about complete. Aside from some liquefaction silt blocking the sewer, the building is looking great. It was really good for the Shed to host the Canterbury Men’s Shed Hub group meeting in mid-July. Reg is the first point of contact for any materials going on or off the site as well as organising visits to the shed. We held our first official steering committee meeting in late July and Reg was elected chair of the group. He’s willing to field any enquiries about the shed. A formal Memorandum of Understanding is now in place between the Redcliffs Community Shed and Sumner Bays Union Trust. All funding and fundraising must go through the Trust so please make contact with me on (03) 376-4020 if you would like to assist. Email Reg on or phone 384-3830.

Rockers of Ages Choir

has been meeting in the Redcliffs Union Church on Augusta Street over the winter. This choir is directed by Nikki Berry and Gary Easterbrook of The Muse Community Music Trust, and based on what I have been able to hear from my office, it sounds good. The combined Rockers of Ages Choirs (Sumner, Aranui and St Albans) performed a ‘flash mob’ at the Palms Mall in Shirley during the most recent school holidays, and judging by the video on YouTube, it went really well.

The Local Food Project including Van Asch Community Garden has continued to produce food during the winter season. I’ve visited the community garden a couple of times and have been impressed with the number of people involved and their commitment to the project. The Local Food Project held a Local Food Resilience workshop last week.

The Redcliffs Craft Group continues to meet every Thursday afternoon at 1 Bayview Road. Tutor Win is very talented and there is a keen group of women attending each time. Win won a community board community service award during June – congratulations!

This year we have a group of five third year geography students from the University of Canterbury undertaking some research on Redcliffs as part of their Geog 309 course. Glen, Tom, Marcus, Reagan and Andreas will be conducting a mini census of Redcliffs. Please do assist them with this research - it will help us find out what has happened to the local population since the earthquakes.

Sumner Tea & Talk

has started with a lovely bunch of volunteers supporting it. If you know seniors who might enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee and some company on a Monday morning in Sumner, please let them know. It is held at the Old School Hall on Wiggins Street, in the kitchen, from 10.30 – 11.30 am each Monday.

Redcliffs Coffee & Conversation

continues each Thursday morning, 10.30 am – 12 pm at the Redcliffs Union Church on Augusta Street.

Mini Music

is as busy as ever in both Sumner (Tuesdays, 9.30 am, Old School Hall kitchen, Wiggins Street) and Redcliffs (Redcliffs Union Church, 9.30 am, Thursdays). It’s a great opportunity for pre-schoolers and their parents/caregivers to join in some singing and dancing led by tutor Cathy White.

Sumner Bays Union Trust is assisting the Redcliffs Public Library Inc. with their rebuild project in terms of allowing me to give them some time. Please see the following community notice:

‘Help Volunteer Library Rebuild

The only community library still operating in eastern Christchurch needs help to raise funds to rebuild its demolished Council-built facility. Redcliffs Library has been operating since 1914, and the volunteers have continued the service after the February quake in a variety of temporary venues. The library can lease its original site back from Council, but needs to raise $200,000 for a suitable replacement building so it can celebrate its centenary.


Any offers of funds or assistance can be made to Eddie Hayes (03) 376-4020.’

A Sing Your Heart Out Concert featuring singer/songwriter June Burney will held in Sumner on Sunday 9 September which also features the Rockers of Ages Choir. This will be held from 2 – 3.30 pm in the Old School Hall on Wiggins Street. You are warmly welcome to attend. This is a free event.

Planning for the Sumner-Redcliffs Community Carols is underway already. This event will be held in Scarborough Park (subject to weather and gaining appropriate permissions) on Thursday 13 December 2012. This is a call for volunteers. We need volunteers on the night to look after various aspects of the event, including looking after the BBQ, pick up and drop off of seats for the Sumner Silver Band, handing out and collecting in songbooks, putting up posters around Sumner and Redcliffs, setting up at the park prior to the event, picking up rubbish afterwards, and generally being on hand to do things that come up on the night. We had great support from the Anglican Parish last year, including Paul Costley, Sam Knight, Liz & Hugh Conley and others. If you are keen to help out, let me know.

Sumner-Redcliffs Senior Expo

will be held again during November. A date and location have not been confirmed yet. If you are keen to volunteer to assist with coordinating this event, please let me know. You would be very welcome. Thanks to Brian Lloyd and the Sumner Bowling Club last year.

Thanks must also go to our funders, some of whom have confirmed donations and grants towards the operations of Sumner Bays Union Trust and its projects for the next twelve months. Thank you to Canterbury Community Trust, the Christchurch City Council via the Hagley-Ferrymead Community Board, United Way New Zealand, and Sumner Supervalue.

Warm regards,

Eddie Hayes

Community Development Worker

Sumner Bays Union Trust

(03) 376-4020
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