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Sumner Bays Union Trust
Hello everyone,

I'm looking for volunteers again. I know some of you must have a desire to help out in the community, and in fact, many of you already do, which is awesome.

1. Father Christmas for Sumner-Redcliffs Community Carols. Any keen blokes who don't mind children and lollies, let me know!
2. Helpers for Mini Music - I need some people to look after the morning tea at Sumner. This could be a rostered position. Let me know! It's Tuesdays of school term times.
3. Any helpers for Coffee & Conversation - it would make my job a lot easier if I had someone to assist each week with the cleanup afterwards.
4. Someone to pick up and drop off 30 wooden seats from the Sumner Union Church hall on December 8 for the Sumner Silver Band to sit on at Scarborough Park. You'll need to have a vehicle with a towbar and access to a trailer. I'm very happy to book and pay to hire one from BP Redcliffs.
5. A Father Christmas for Mini Music's breakups in mid December.

Let me know as soon as you can. I'll be beginning to harangue people shortly - particularly Father Christmas-types... :)

Warm regards,
Eddie Hayes
Community Development Worker
(03) 376-4020
027 781 1348
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