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Justine and Brittany here, coming at you with the february edition.

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the insights: cybersecurity and privacy


Each month we hold a curated event on a topic, then distribute relevant resources and an interview with a prominent leader in the space more broadly through the newsletter. Suggestions for future topics? We’d love to hear them! Want the invite to our next curated event? Hit the reply button 👇

This month our focus was on cybersecurity and privacy. Our roundtable discussion spanned topics ranging from data security and compliance to cloud security posture management.  In this month’s article, we chose to take a closer look at the concept of zero-trust and what it means for cloud security, data security, and DevSecOps. 

"The pandemic has catapulted most aspects of our lives online, redefining the way we think about almost everything. We find ourselves in a world in which more and more enterprises are migrating to cloud infrastructures and applications, more of the workforce is mobile and distributed, and more of our identity and interactions are captured digitally. This transformation has been dramatically accelerated and enterprises are increasingly reliant on third-party solutions to help them make this rapid shift. In this new, perimeterless world, we must also redefine the way we think about cybersecurity.” Read Justine’s full perspective here.

the interview
Camille Landau, Chief Marketing Officer at WireWheel 

This month, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview Camille Landau.

Camille is currently the Chief Marketing Officer of WireWheel, a venture-backed startup that modernizes and simplifies how enterprises protect and manage the privacy of personal data. She has been CEO of OmniSparx and Choozy, and a senior marketing lead or strategic advisor for companies including TeamSnap, Eventbrite, iMedical, Mixbook, Fandor, Mozilla, Chic by Choice, Liquid, PETsys, and Pitchtime. She co-managed the San Francisco and West coast presence supporting the startups connected with Portugal Ventures and is the founder of Steal this Idea, which provides multiple forms of support for early stage teams in for-profit and not-for-profit fields. 

Select excerpts below, read the full interview here.

I’d love to understand how your interest in marketing intersects with your passion for technology?

The thing about consumers and technology is that we don’t necessarily think in terms of wanting technology, right? We think in more granular, direct terms, and technology is, of course, broader than bits and bytes. Put simply, technology is the knowledge that our society has captured. It’s a marketer’s job to look at an unmet opportunity and phrase it in an addressable way. So, a consumer might have a need that she doesn’t articulate as a technology need. What we do as a marketer, is to translate that need and then use technology to help meet that need. As marketers, technology lets us listen faster and at scale, which helps us quickly understand if there is momentum in a solution and determine if we’re onto something.

WireWheel helps customers achieve compliance quickly, and become prepared for upcoming privacy standards, which is of growing importance. What are some of the biggest pain points your customers face? 

The way I put it is that privacy is a human value. It's a deeper than compliance. Compliance is a useful way to think about it, though, and it's a useful motivator. Compliance gives businesses a reason and an urgency to make sure they're not doing anything wrong. Overtime, we can start helping them do more of the right things as well. The deeper value is in treating consumer privacy with the same importance that we treat data security. In a way, consumer privacy is the deeper value of data security. Of course, security is an important layer, but there's also non-technical aspects regarding the consumer relationship.

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs in our community?

It is always a good time to start a new business, it always is. You get to decide when and how you want to seek money. You can take a long time building up to that moment or a short time. You know, raising money is part of your process but it doesn't have to be on day-one because you can run many experiments ahead of time. You can start learning on day-one.

Read the rest of the interview here.

the resources: cybersecurity and privacy

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the call back: future of work

In our last issue, we focused on the future of work and had the opportunity to interview Christina Sass, cofounder of Andela. 

Since then, we've been lucky enough to interview three more women focused on the future of work, thanks to our friend Shawn Xu's work on the Anchor List.

Teresa Man, Lead Designer at Superhuman (read the full interview)

Email plays a huge role in our daily lives at work (and outside of work) — how do you think about designing for a more enjoyable and productive email experience?

It really boils down to one thing — no fluff. This means that our interface will never have superfluous elements that get in the way of what you need to do. In fact, the overall design philosophy at Superhuman is one of minimalism. Actions like triaging your emails and switching contexts are done via what we call Cmd+Kour shortcut central, and we’ve done away with UIs that are inundated with buttons, menus and submenus.

We also introduce an element of joy when you clear your inbox and reach Inbox Zero with photography that’s intended to inspire and delight. Outside of visuals, we think deeply about ergonomics to create a productive email experience that is easy to use. For example, we make sure the starting position of any actions, shortcuts, or gestures is optimized for where your fingers feel most natural on your screen or keyboard.

Amanda Bell, Head of Talent at Retool (read the full interview)
Companies are beginning to more actively consider diversity and inclusion as part of their hiring efforts. What processes and / or technologies have you put in place at Retool to ensure that you build a diverse team?

It’s been so exciting to see companies intentionally build diversity, equity, and inclusion into their hiring practices as opposed to going through the motions. There’s still a very, very long way to go, but I’m heartened by some of the progress. I hesitate to rely on technology or tools to evaluate for diversity, for example, so I can’t speak much to this. I think if we rely too much on technology, it can take away the human part of diversity and the very broad definitions that should accompany the concept of diversity. A lot of companies stop after gender and racial diversity, but socio-economic status, sexual identity, educational background, and others are equally important.

At Retool, we focus on building a diverse company, though we have more work to do. We’re very excited our leadership team is almost 40% women. We also focus just as much on inclusion. This ranges from bringing consistency to the vast majority of our hiring processes (candidates are asked the same interview questions, for example), ensuring there’s room for all voices to contribute, and making sure our offers are fair and equitable.

Heather Doshay, VP People at Webflow (read the full interview) 
What is your favorite company in / around the future of work (besides Webflow)?

Well absolutely Webflow- whether it be that small brick and mortar business needing to build an online presence in a poor economy or a large company needing to figure out how to cut costs to protect jobs, Webflow for me is an important part of the conversation.

But I would give shout outs to two companies that I think advance both remote work and mental health as the category I’m most passionate about:

  1. Loom—For remote work, asynchronous communication is so critical, and virtual meeting fatigue is really real. Loom is a great option for people looking to to advance their async communications.
  2. Bravely — a platform that supports workplace health. People can easily connect with a professional coach for a confidential conversation about their performance, growth, relationships, or company culture. Of course I believe in providing top medical benefits so therapy is in reach for all, but short of that, these kinds of perks can be a real resource in so many aspects of the workplace beyond the psychological safety and mental health components.

the talent   

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the community event

On January 28th, we hosted our first ever community event! It was a fun opportunity to meet and exchange insights with the awesome female and non-binary leaders in the table's growing community.  We plan to host these events quarterly, so mark you calendars for our next community event to be hosted on April 2nd at 9am PST!  

the end

In the march edition, we’ll focus on crypto.  Know awesome womxn working in the space? Help us get in touch!

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